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Updated on August 19, 2009

The Little One Is Having Bad Dreams

Oh boy! This is all that I can say after a week of night time "wake ups." My "Firestarter" has now progressed into night time drama which has interrupted my pretty normal sleep patterns.

I tried to think back when my son went through this around the same age, but unfortunately he started a lot sooner with imaginary "Frog Men." They did not entirely go away until he was eight years old, so I dread going through yet another adventure with "who knows what." The Frog Men showed up at all times of the day though, not just in his sleep so I coughed it off as a very different sort of imagination. Some times my son would have imaginary fights with them in his sleep and I used to blame cartoons like "Ninja Turtles" or "Power Rangers" for all of their weird costumes. One day he said that the Frog Man was standing behind me in the room and I turned around to see, but nothing was there. My son kept looking at it like it was and then would not walk towards me until I came to him first. I asked if he had a name and my son looked at me with the look of terror on his face. We eventually tried to make him draw this infamous creature when he was older and when he did, I wanted to hide!

Well, the "Firestarters" dream last night or for the past year or so is a doozy! Let me tell you, this story got really detailed to the point that I blamed my son and asked if he was "sleep walking!" She started to get teary eyed yesterday morning when she finally explained that this has been happening for quite a long time. I listened closely and asked her many questions. She said that a little "Devil" appeared but he was really mean all of the time. I said, "well sweetie what did he do?"

She then proceeded to tell me that he sent crabs to pinch her during the night or tried to burn her. I got a bit worried at the last statement since we are living on Sacred Indian grounds, but then pushed those thoughts out of my head and asked her to continue. She then proceeded to tell me that the devil would always try to hurt her but when she woke up he disappeared in a "poof of smoke." The "poof" however was sort of a "camouflaged" patch in the air of smoke. Like a floating square of camouflage smoke. I then asked her to try and describe it the best she could and that is what we came up with because I think the smoky patch blended into the room so it was hard to see. It has been a long time since she has woken me up every night and part of me thinks it may be her age, the anxiety of school starting again or normal dreams that children have at the age of six.

It got so bad at the end of the day yesterday when she kept talking about it that we finally convinced her that it was her brother sleepwalking and bothering her without knowing it. The "burning" was just her being too "hot" under the covers in the Summer and the crab was him pinching her like he always does. Oh, she also mentioned that someone spanked her in her sleep. This made me laugh because I have never spanked her but my son has when he wants to be funny and bother her and this has annoyed her before in a BIG way. She would run to me and say "Simon spanked my butt." Then I would tell him to not do it and then they would "move on" while he laughed like a young boy does.

The result of this though is less sleep for me for who knows how long? She said that she is too scared to sleep in her room so tonight I'm putting her in mine. I have set up a bed there for now just for a night or two and I hope she gets through this by the weekend. She has gone through phases of bad dreams before and I would sleep with her for a few nights and then it was done. The only thing that bothers me this time is that she keeps saying she saw little red things in her room in the dark. This annoys me because I just read about a haunted house nearby with red dots in the room of a child and now my imagination is driving me crazy! Motherhood! "Don't Get Me Started!" "Haunted Houses!" Oh no!!!!!

The point is that children have amazing imaginations and mine certainly take the cake when it comes to new ideas. I will never forget the Frog Men because they were in my house for years. Now there is a devil in my house and he likes to tell crabs to pinch little children and make parents not sleep for a week. I wonder if he can help me wake up some other people in the neighborhood that I dislike. I may try to talk to him tonight and then send him over! 

Oh yes, we must not forget the end of day conversation with my young "Firestarter" yesterday. When I offered her my camera so that she can film the devil for me, she quickly made excuses about how "quick" he is. I told her that people would pay millions for a photo of the devil, but she assured me that he would be gone before she grabbed the camera. I asked her if she had seen him run off or just disappear in the poof of smoke. She then proceeded to tell me that he was fast and can run. At that point I thought I would give my little "Firestarter" with the amazing dreams a little rest time and stop asking questions. Even though I wanted to put her at ease, I started to worry that she may create even more stuff to think about! This would mean less sleep for me and more scary visitors! Then I would start having bad dreams and the cycle would never end! Goodnight my little one!


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    • profile image

      GPAGE 8 years ago

      Let me know if he comes back! ha

      Thanx for your comment. ;

    • easy1 profile image

      easy1 8 years ago from Ireland

      That hub brought back memories for me, a devil lived under my bed for years, great hub again.