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The value of a mother!

Updated on May 10, 2017
My late Mother in law with her great granddaughter Kathy.
My late Mother in law with her great granddaughter Kathy.

A Mother

What is the definition of a mother? Webster's online dictionary defines it as a female parent. A female authority figure. Valentine's day has passed us by and now comes Mother's day! A Mother is a special person. In this Mother's day-Let us remember all the single mothers who work hard and sacrifice themselves for their children. Sure, it is easy to point a finger and say- "Nobody told her to have sex and be pregnant!" People make mistakes and it takes a lot of guts, nowadays, to not abort a child and take responsibility!

A single mother's job is never done. Working 8 or more hours on the job, she has to make sure her children are taken care of. Apart from hard work, she has to carry on the responsibility of paying a daycare. After that, doing groceries and paying the bills. Add to that, cooking and helping the children do their homework. By the end of the day, she is drained and ready to go to bed. A Mother's work is never done.

How about the Mother that is married? That is another Mother that I want to pay tribute to. Sometimes, the husband can take his wife for granted. Most likely, she works a full-time job because the family cannot afford for her to stay home. Husband, when was the last time you took your wife to eat out? When was the last time you did the dishes for once? We, husbands, tend to take our wives for granted. A Mother that is married and has children is, also, special because her job is never done.

My Mom and Pop!

Married for 60 years. Quite a record!
Married for 60 years. Quite a record!

The pain of a mother

How about the Mother who has lost her only son? Mary, in the Bible, not only lost her son, but saw him agonize on the cross! Helpless and without no way to help alleviate the pain, she drew strength from God! How many Mothers have lost their children to a long and cruel disease? How many knew that they were not going to get over their loss, but somehow did?

Or how about the Mother who's child died tragically by a car accident, or worse, murder? The tears that were shed and the pain that is beyond words. One day, you see your baby, alive and healthy, and the next- you are informed that he/she is dead. Life is not fair!

We see, in life, Mothers who have lost their husband and nobody cares for them. Widows who are crying to God to see their sons and daughters from aboard or even a phone call, but nothing. All these Mothers can look forward to is the sounds of silence and a prayer! Gone are the noise of sons/daughters bringing in their little ones to run around the house. A welcome noise, indeed, only to be sealed up in reality. A silence that is long and painful for a forsaken widow!

The Mother who has become a burden to the family. Being passed from family to family members because of issues and problems. They are quick to forget the times when this precious Mother helped their children pay an overdue rent from her hard-earned savings. When this precious Mother helped put gas in their cars! No, Mom is a burden. Soon, she winds up in an Old folks home-Forsaken and alone! I realize that there are times when one has to make hard and difficult choices, but whether she's at home or elsewhere, she deserves a visit.

Mother's day

Mothers, this hub is a tribute to you. Your hard work is not forgotten and if I can be a lone voice, I would say to all the hard-working mothers-THANK YOU! YOUR LABOR OF LOVE IS NOT FORGOTTEN! Children, every day should be Mother's Day! Is your Mother alone? Grab your phone and give her a call! Send her a special gift! It will touch her heart!

Take some time to see your Mother. Whether she lives alone or is in a retirement home, take the family over and share some precious moments. Is your Mother in a hospital? Take some time out and bring cheer to her! There will be a time when your Mother will depart. When that time comes, there won't be- I AM SORRY NOR I LOVE YOU! The time to honor and respect your Mother is today. Make your Mother's day a special one and show her some love! In the long run, you'll be feeling good about yourself! As a bonus, I have enclosed some uplifting links as a tribute to all the mothers who read this. Mothers, this is for you---Enjoy!

My Wife and I

We salute you Mothers! God bless you!
We salute you Mothers! God bless you!


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    • BakingBread-101 profile image


      7 years ago from Nevada

      - "Nobody told her to have sex and be pregnant!" People make mistakes and it takes a lot of guts, nowadays, to not abort a child and take responsibility--

      I am a single mother by choice. I did not make a mistake and have a child. I chose to be a mother. I am proud of it. My child gave me the sweetest handmade Valentine, which looks more like bunny ears, but says "I love Yoo". She sounded it out and wrote it herself. She cut the heart out of paper herself. She thought of it herself. And when I picked her up from child care because I work nights in order to be Mommy during the day, she wished me Happy Valentine's Day in her mostly asleep little voice and told me "It was the bestest day because of you."

      That's why I'm a Mommy. To make a difference in a little person's life who makes a difference in mine. My Mom made a difference in my life. I miss her terribly (she passed 5+ years ago).

    • oliviaharrisbrown profile image


      7 years ago

      I love it! Power to all moms from a fellow mom!


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