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The First Original "Streaker."

Updated on October 6, 2015

At age 4 in Warner Robbins, GA, my younger brother Mike was an unruly lad to say the least. Although born legally blind, mom couldn't keep the little scamp from running off around the neighborhood. She spent half of her time trying to find him. So as a last resort she bought a child harness with a leash (popular in the 50s.) She put it on him and hooked the leash to a clothes line. Problem solved...right? Not quite.

Mike soon wearied of running back and forth in his limited domain and began scheming of a way out of this frustrating situation.


Now, mike was later found to have an IQ of about 160, which is about genius level. So it wasn't much of a problem for this bright toddler to quickly discover a solution. He simply shed his clothing and off he went.Mom, busy with domestic chores, never dreamed her little brainiac had flown the coop. That is, until she received a phone call from a local supermarket a few blocks down the street. They had found her son running around their store wearing only a smile.

Our harried mother promptly hurried to the store where she found her nude son enjoying a mound of ice cream, courtesy of the store management. It was the only way to keep the hyper tyke occupied until help could arrive.

So, I guess one could say our Mike may have been the original "streak."


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    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      LO...I always wondered what motivated all those 'streakers' a few years back!!! Must have been their genius level IQ!!

      John, I swear this is true...I wrote the above part of this comment the moment I read the IQ part....sometimes I do this so I won't lose the 'thought' (inane as they sometimes are...!) and, then..I came to the last line and, there it is....the original 'streaker.' YES!

      LOL over this one, John...and, good for your brother to use creative intellect to solve the problem of being harnessed in! (literally and, I bet, figuratively at times, too!!) Amazing..I completely 'missed' the title...until just now...oh boy!

      FUNNY interesting awesome and beautiful because these memories ARE !!