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This Was Not My Plan

Updated on December 9, 2016

Say it isnt so!!

Since birth I knew my youngest child was going to be a great baseball player. He has played since he could walk! Suddenly, somewhere the plan changed! I dont know where or when it did but it just did. He is now a Senior in high school and as we start to apply for colleges and he sees the stress on my face, he says to me I just really want to be a Marine!! What, wait please say it is not so!!

Im pretty sure I heard him wrong!!

After he said that to me, I said your kidding right! I was pretty sure I heard him wrong. We have put in a lot of time and money in this child and his future baseball career. We already have plans for our free season tickets to all his games in the major league!! He must have bumped his head or something when he woke up this morning! I am sure I did not hear him say that he wanted to be a Marine!!

Who put this in his head

My husband and I looked at him like he had 3 heads!! He continued to tell us how he had been talking to the recruiter at school and how he really was interested in going in the Military. We of course were not very happy about this current event. We reminded him of how he could barely make it to school on time or how he did not even know how to make his own bed, so how was he going to make it in the military!! We were not happy about this besides he was our baby, our last child and whomever put this idea in his head was going to be told about themselves!!

We just needed to hear him out!

So he explained to us that he had been thinking about this for some time now. He wanted to know why we were so shocked that he had even considered the military since my hubby had been in the Army and his Uncle John had done 30 years. He just did not get it, he was our baby,he was not going very far from us! We asked if he knew how hard the Marines were and much to our surprise he had researched it already and had even watched all those scary You Tube videos about basic training.We wanted no parts of it and trust me I am all about supporting our troops and do appreciate all the soldiers for what they do to protect our freedom but I did not want my baby to be one of them!

A meeting was to be planned

No matter what we said he seemed to have his mind made up. He also let us know that the recruiter wanted to meet with us. We of course wanted no parts of this so-called person and we were not happy that he had put this thought in our baby boys head! We ask him if he was sure that he wanted him to meet with us because we definitely were not on board for this decision. He was not deterred, so the meeting was set! The Sergeant was a very nice, young man and of course was very professional and convincing. We kindly told him how we felt and that we would not sign any papers for our 17 year old that when he was 18 he could make that choice for himself, he wasn't discouraged and still tried to convince us but of course he was getting nowhere, our minds were made up!

Why is he suddenly interested in the gym

A few weeks after our meeting our son suddenly was going to the gym everyday after school. Let me explain hes a big boy, hes 5ft9 and weighs about 230, so the gym has not been his favorite place. So finally I asked why he was going everyday and he told me point blank about what weight he needed to be before the Marines would take him. I was shocked at first but also proud of his dedication. I just could not sit back and watch my baby cut back on eating a lot all the time, I know McDonalds must be about to go out of business because he is not there everyday! It seemed to me that all of a sudden his clothes were too big and he was starving to death. This of course was not the case, he was just getting fit! I constantly am trying to fatten him up again but its just not working , the gym seems to be winning!

We can still apply to colleges

I suppose he felt bad for me because I seem to be in mourning every time he went to the gym, so he says to me one day, you know college isn't totally out for me, so go ahead and finish those college applications! I felt like I had hit the lottery, so I researched colleges who had his Major and who also had good baseball teams and I applied to all of them for him! I also got him to email the colleges baseball coaches to show his interest in them. I was feeling like I had won the battle.This past week we got them all done and now its just a waiting game to see if he gets accepted to any of them. He still goes to the gym every day and he seems to be growing up right before my eyes!!

Our plan needed to be explained

So yesterday he says to me, why are you so against me being a Marine? I had to sit down and explain to him about our plan, not his plan, his father and I, our plan. I explained to him that ever since he started playing t-ball and could whack that t over when he hit the ball that we knew he was going to be good at baseball! I explained to him that when he played Major league in little league how everybody always talked about how good he was and how he still held the record for most home runs in our small town! I explained how the kids younger than him always wanted to be like him! I explained to him how when he played travel ball and we spent a lot of money going everywhere so he could do what he loved and how much he enjoyed it. I also reminded him of how nervous he was in the 9th grade when the time came to find out if he was going to make Varsity or not. I explained to him how this past year how nervous and happy he was when his team made it to the semi finals for the first time in 20 years! I told him that maybe he needed to be reminded of how good he really was and how much he actually loved baseball. I told him from the moment he hit his first baseball that our plan was for him to one day go to college and play baseball and hopefully one day make it to the big leagues! This is almost that time for our plan for him to be put in motion!

His plan was different

After our discussion he calmly told me about his plan for himself. He said I don't care that much for school, so I know I will not like college. He told me how he wanted to go to work for the DNR and that he could not do that until he was 21 so if he went in the Marines first he could come out and be old enough to apply. He also told me that if he stayed around and went to college for 4 years he would just come out and be in debt for years or if he stayed out of college and worked until he was 21 that you never know what kind of trouble he may get in! I said but why the Marines, its the toughest of them all and he said its a sense of pride, I want to be a Marine!! I was proud and sad at the same time because somewhere in the eyes of my baby boy I saw a young man. I am still unsure of what he may do in the future but he has until June to decide and until then I am going to hope he gets accepted into a good college so I can have my plan for him. I also know that if he decides to be a Marine I will still be proud of him and his plan. I also know that no matter what he will always be my baby boy!


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