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Taggie Blanket, Taggies Tag Security Blanket And Toys For Babies

Updated on August 22, 2013
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As a Mum, Grandma, and with a daughter who is a primary teacher, Alison draws on a wealth of experience for her child-related Hubs.

When my son was a little boy, there was no such thing as a taggie blanket, taggies had not been invented! But what he loved was what he called his ‘right corner’ a yellow, satin edged blanket that he could take everywhere with him and twiddle or rub the corner. He would ask for his ‘right corner’ when he needed a nap and would twiddle the corner while he drifted off to sleep and would take his blanket as a ‘baby security blanket’ into any situation where he felt unsure of himself.

The concept of Taggies blankets and Toys has built on what many moms have found (like me), that their little ones love to rub and twiddle the satin tags on clothing, blankets and toys as a calming and reassuring comforter. You can watch the video below to learn about how two Moms founded the Taggies brand.


When researching this article, I read that Dr. Julie Lumeng, of the University of Michigan's Center for Human Growth and Development in Ann Arbor, Mich. is quoted as saying, studies have shown that “children who are attached to security blankets are securely attached to their mothers and psychologically healthy”. 

If children have a ‘security blanket’ that is a comforter for them, they are able to take this into any new or stressful situation (playgroup, doctor’s appointment, etc.) and this enables them to remain calmer and more confident than children who do not have their own little ‘security blanket’. Results of these studies have been published in the New York Times and have shown that children with this extra ‘confidence booster’, socialize more readily, are more able to learn and to keep their emotions in balance.

How Did I Choose Which Taggies Products To Review?

There are so many Taggies Blankets it would be impossible to review them all, a Taggie Blanket comes in different fabrics and textures, there is Taggies Bedding, Take Along Taggies for travel, Taggie books, Taggie toys and Taggie Clothing for girls and boys.

I could not possibly review them all here, so I have chosen to present the most popular items with the best customer review rating. I hope you will enjoy them, before you go off and explore the rest of the items available - have fun!

Little Taggies Blankets

Each Little Taggies Blanket measures twelve inches square. They are made in a variety of velour and plush fabrics that are soft and comforting to the touch. There is even a range called Taggies Naturals which are all made of Organic materials. Each has twenty tags around the edge, all the tags are different, tactile and very engaging for little hands to explore.


Taggies Musical Friends

Taggies Musical Toys are lovely soft musical friends.Please use the link to a page showing the range of different musical toys available

The Duck (pictured right) is one of the Menagerie range and each of these plays a different musical tune. These are great fun and very appealing for adults as well as babies!


Take A Long Taggies - For Babies On The Go

The Take A Long Taggies range of toys are designed very cleverly with a teething ring that is also a clip that allows the toy to be clipped to the stroller or car seat when on the go. This prevents the upset of realizing that a favorite toy has got lost on a shopping trip. All the toys have the Taggies tag attachments, all are in lovely, tactile fabrics. Some have a rattle inside, some have a squeak, some are just for cuddling but whichever one you choose, your baby will love his Take A Long Taggie.

The Pony pictured, belongs to the Hang Arounds range of Take A Long animals.

All these toys are hugely popular and get excellent reviews. These toys are designed by Mary Meyer who has been designing lovely plush toys for many years, please see the lovely lamb in my Christening Gifts Hub. These are great fun and all have a squeak inside.

Babies Love Taggies, Homemade or Bought!

Ideas For Making Your Own Taggies

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  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 4 years ago from UK

    jen, I am sure she will, they are brilliant - her mom will have to wash it whilst she is asleep as I am sure she will not want to part with it!

  • jenbeach21 profile image

    jenbeach21 4 years ago from Orlando, FL

    I just bought a tag blanket for my niece. I hope she likes it!

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