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10 Ways to Take the Crazy out of Your Morning Routine

Updated on July 13, 2016

10 Tips for Peaceful Mornings

How do mornings in your house usually go?

This morning was a perfect example of how things can go crazy wrong if you don't plan ahead.

I was half awake as the sun started shining in through my window, I cuddled up next to my husband, ready to drift back to sleep for a while until the alarm went off. My hubby wrapped his arm around me and snuggled close. The perfect moment was short lived as he bolted up in a panic as we both looked at the alarm clock, which read 5:28am and realized he literally had two minutes to get to work. Clearly today was not a good example of how to plan your mornings so they go smoothly, but with these 10 tips you can take the crazy out of mornings, or most of it anyway.

1. Prep the night before

Take care of anything and everything possible the night before. Lay out clothes for everyone in the family, pack lunches and make sure the ingredients for the morning's breakfast are out or in a central location in your fridge that are easy to grab. If you're a coffee drinker like I am, (yes I have a serious coffee addiction) have your coffee ready to brew first thing in the morning. Make sure all the kids homework, anything they need for school and their backpacks are ready and waiting by your front door you can also do this with your husband's things, trust me sometimes it's necessary.

2. Get a good night's sleep

Do your best to stick to a bedtime schedule for both you and your family. Even going to bed just a half an hour or an hour earlier can make a huge difference. Try going to bed with your blinds or curtains partially open. The morning sunlight slows down the body's production of melatonin and boosts the production of adrenaline, so by the time your alarm is going off your body is already on it's way to waking up naturally.


3. Wake up early

No one wants to get up early, especially me, I am not a morning person, but getting up earlier than the rest of your family has tons of benefits. If possible get up at least an hour before everyone else. This gives you time to wake up slowly, without being immediately overwhelmed and gives you a chance to formulate a plan of attack for the day

4. Start with a positive attitude.

I am by no stretch of the imagination a morning person, however I can definitely tell the difference between the days I roll over growling to swipe the screen to silence my alarm, already mad that I have to even be awake right now and the days that I shut off my alarm, stretch, look out the window and tell myself what a great day is going to be be (even if I don't believe it).

5. Shower first thing

Taking a shower first thing when you get up wakes up your entire body and gets you ready to face the day alert and prepared.

6. Take some time for yourself

Every morning before waking up your family take some time just for you. You can use this time to pray, meditate, work out, read etc. Just make sure whatever you're doing is feeding your soul.

7. Make a to-do list

After taking your personal time and before waking up the rest of your family, is the perfect time to formulate a plan of attack for your day. Make a to do list that includes the activities and needs for that day for everyone in your family. I also make a list the night before since, like I said I am not a morning person and don't want to forget anything.

After formulating a plan it's time to wake the troops.

8. Eat breakfast

I know it has been drilled into our heads since we were kids, but that's because it really is that important. There are a lot of ways to make breakfast easier in the morning. You can pre-make breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, waffles and breakfast burritos and freeze them for easy warm up in the mornings. You can set out bowls, spoons and cereal on the counter the night before, so your kids (if age appropriate) can get their own breakfast by just getting the milk out of the fridge. Do whatever makes it easiest for you and your family, just make sure that your breakfast is packed with protein and slow-burning carbs to give you the energy you need for your day.

9. Everything has a place

Make sure everything you will need for the morning is easily accessible. I like to create a landing zone by the front door. I put the kids backpacks, shoes which are always an issue, any paperwork they need to take to school, lunch money etc. by the front door. I pack my husband's lunch the night before and put it in the fridge so all I have to do in the morning is pull it out, grab an ice pack to stick in the lunch box and it's ready to go. I also have hooks by my front door that hold our coats keys and anything like that.

If you make sure the night before that everything is in its place, you won't have to be chaoticly searching for something when you're already running behind. Putting things where you can easily find them will make life a lot easier.


10. Stay calm

No matter what, stay calm. As my morning this morning goes to prove, things just don't go the way you want them to sometimes. If your little one (or husband.... It has been known to happened) has lost their shoes for the third time this morning, screaming at them isn't going to help anything. Stay calm and if things go wrong there's always tomorrow to try again. If you use these tips you will have a much better chance of a smooth running morning without the crazy.

Please share any tips and tricks that work for your family in the comment section I'd love to hear them.


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