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Taking My Hat Off To Single Parents 2-3----Tips For Single Parent

Updated on April 6, 2016

Balancing Act


4. Something eventually suffers when you are a single parent because you have to keep attending to your child and cannot always give the new relationship as much time as it may require. There is always a fear the new flame might stray. Due to the psychology of the single mother’s low self-esteem, the demand of her time between the children and the new flame on one hand and the competition in the dating market with single, independent, carefree women, makes many single mothers feel honoured when they have been noticed by a man. They end up giving so much of themselves. For this reason, many would not let go of the relationship even if many aspects of it are evidently going wrong. As a result of these, many children get caught up as victims of abuse of one sort or the other. This perpetuates the cycle of abuse. In this respect, balance and less contact between the child and the new flame is needed to establish that it is a worthwhile relationship and that there is staying power in the relationship. If parents present their child as quite important to them, from the beginning of the relationship, the child will be accepted as such by the new partner. Start as you mean to go on. If you have something and treat it roughly, others will treat it roughly too. If you treat it as precious, others will treat it as precious too.

5. The single-parent needs to strike a balance in being quite firm at the same time being very loving when dealing with the child. At the end of the day, you are playing the role of two parents. It is you the parent that will weep and lose out more than any other person in the child's life, if the child goes down the wrong path.

This means that you have to keep your word about meting out punishment e.g. grounding or withdrawing privileges as well as keep your word about promises and rewards. If a line of action has been promised in the event of a misbehaviour, it has to be followed through to the letter otherwise the child will consider future utterances as empty threats.

6. It is important that the single-parent does something about helping themselves become self-sufficient and become financially independent, e.g. by obtaining qualifications or getting a job. This will reduce the chances of staying in an abusive or loveless relationship. Remaining in a relationship for economic reasons could affect children adversely. Many mothers and fathers put up with nonsense from their spouses for theirs and the children’s sake.

Getting your life going also reduces the chances of depression and poverty. This is often the state of affairs with single-parent families. As said before, the children will hold you in high regards and pay attention to what you have to say. Children respect their parents when parents achieve.


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