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Taking baby steps

Updated on July 27, 2010

Baby, a special occasion

Baby and Unconditional Love

As I look back on my life as I approach middle age I feel blessed to have a son who means the world to me. When I was 37 years old I became a father for the first and only time and it is one of life's greatest moments when you and your wife are blessed with a baby. I remember my wife giving birth to our son like it was yesterday and how nervous I was hoping everything would go smoothly. I remember my wife was very excited as was I when the time drew closer for the birth of our baby boy. There is nothing that compares to a baby's birth as you see it happening with your very own eyes, realizing how courageous and strong your wife is to endure the 9 months and finally the momentous occasion of her baby's birth. It truly is a miracle that makes you appreciate life and ponder the mysteries.

I will always treasure hearing our son cry for the very first time and seeing him being placed gently into my wife's arms by the attending nurse. It makes you realize how beautiful and fragile life is. Another moment that stands out for me was when the nurse washed our son for the very first time. She was so nice as she gently placed him in a baby bath and washed his tiny little body. He only weighed 6 lbs 13 oz and had such tiny hands and feet. As soon as the baby is born they do the baby foot prints upon their first cleaning. It was a wonderful experience watching my son get his first cleaning by the nurse.

I was so very proud of my wife who was so calm throughout her pregnancy leading up to the birth. Giving birth is not easy as I could see from the pain my wife endured but it was well worth it when she got to hold her son for the very first time. When you have a baby you want everything to be perfect and you start planning everything out in your mind while you feel like you are in a dream sequence. It just is such an incredible feeling that really grounds you and makes you realize what is important in life.

At the hospital mother and baby get wonderful care and when the mother needs her rest the nurses watch the baby as they need their rest too. After all it is a very tiring experience not only for the mother but for the baby as well. I remember the nurse told me to go home after spending the night and to come back later in the day after I got my much needed rest too. I was actually so excited that I really couldn't sleep. The first person I called to tell of our son's birth was my dad who was always so very supportive and was so happy to hear the wonderful news.

I remember peering through the baby viewing area seeing my son with his little hat and mittens in his bassinet and seeing how tiny and precious he was with his name displayed and I was so proud that he was my son. I knew from that day on how special our baby boy would be to us and how our lives had changed in such a wonderful and joyful way.

When it was time to take my wife and son home from the hospital we made sure our son was properly bundled up and protected from the cold air as he was born in December. We gently placed him in the infant car seat and I drove home very carefully with my precious family. Our first drive as a family had special meaning to me as I had a glorious Christmas CD of Trans Siberian Orchestra playing which made the moment special.

I remember taking baby steps with being a father and always treasuring the moments seeing our son gently sleeping in his crib. I just felt so blessed to have a wonderful wife and beautiful baby son. My life was touched by a precious little baby from the moment he was born and for every day thereafter. There is nothing better than the unconditional love a baby and their parents share together. Life is good!

I am eternally grateful to God for making it all possible and for my family for the joy they provide me with everyday.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Baby love


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