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Talking to your children about death

Updated on November 24, 2015

Death can be scary and sad for us as adults but when children begin to learn about death it can be even more terrifying for them. It is important to be open and honest with your children even when it comes to talking about death. As children grow they will learn and notice death comes to plants in he winter or to the gold fish that was once the family pet, or perhaps a family member has died. It is important to explain as simply as possible that like birth, death is a natural part of the life's cycle. I realize that is will be more difficult to explain the death of persons or pet who' was killed but it's still important to try. What ever your beliefs are about death and the atfer life you must try to reasure your child death is natural and that death can help more live and to grow in it's place. Using examples like plants turing into soil to grow new plants is a great iterpitation.

Of course children may not understand that death means you will not see or hear from the one who has passed, but reasuring them it's is alright and showing them you are there for them is the most imporatant. And when your child asks the questions...Will I die? Will you die? Be honest, as hard as it is there is no point in lying. Just remeber to use language they will understand adue ompassion in yur voice, don't scare them but rather reasure them you are and they are here now and that is what is imprortant.

If you need some professional advice to help explain death to a child who perhaps had lost a parent or sibling don't be afraid to ask for help and advice. Seek councling for you and your child if you feel it would better help with this difficult subject. Death is part of life no matter howmuch we are afraid of it, and no matter how much we try to avoid the subject, death is real and our children deserve the respect of having their very dfficult questons answered.


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