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Tampa Bay Florida Obituaries

Updated on April 24, 2015

Papers that cover Obituaries in the Tampa Bay Area

The purpose of this article is to assist those looking to search, post or write Tampa Bay Florida obituaries in the local newspapers and online. In Florida, many people move down from the north to retire in our state. This article is being written assuming that you may not be from this area or may be local but just need help in general.

There are two main newspapers that server this area. The Tampa Bay Times (formerly known as the St. Petersburg Times) and the Tampa Tribune. Both of these Tampa Bay Florida area papers have very heavy distribution and cover the entire area Tampa Bay Area.

Search Tampa Bay Obituaries Online

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Publishing Tampa Bay Obituaries

Both papers also offer free obituary postings in the paper for up to 7 lines (about 25 words). For paid obituaries, both papers offer online postings using the links above.

The Tampa Bay Times:

  • Only accepts publishing request by email, call or fax.
  • Paid notices include posting online with guest book.
  • For pricing and details.

The Tampa Tribune:

  • Accepts publishing requests online.
  • Paid notices include posting online with guest book.
  • For pricing and details.

Assistance in Writing Obituaries

Information that is generally required is the name of the deceased, age, city and state and date of death. Optional Information is generally survivors and biographical info.

Sometimes the most difficult part of writing an obituary is simply coming up with what to write other than just the required information. You can think of an obituary as a life story, a final record of death and notification to friends and loved ones of funeral arrangements. More than that, it should be memorable and most importantly accurate in a limited amount of space.

Some ideas of additional information that could be included could be any college attended or any military service. Also any interests, hobbies, clubs or organizations make good additions as well. Volunteer work or significant achievements are great to add as well. City and state of birth or of any other residences outside of Tampa Bay, names of parents (ok even if no longer living), any children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren's names, even well loved pets. Depending on the circumstances, you could also include how they died, if appropriate. Of course you can also include instructions about sending flowers or making a memorial contribution. Don't forget to include the funeral arrangements, where it will be held and the date and time as well.

Remember to try to make it lively. Mistakes to avoid is are mistakes themselves. Proofread it and have other family members proof read and fact check as well.


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