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Tantrums Can Effect the Mental State of Parents

Updated on December 4, 2016
Parents must help their child through this difficult stage of tantrums so that they can become successful individuals.
Parents must help their child through this difficult stage of tantrums so that they can become successful individuals. | Source
Darlena and Raymond, along with their four children at their recent wedding reception. The couple is determined to raise their children in a family focused on love and spirituality.
Darlena and Raymond, along with their four children at their recent wedding reception. The couple is determined to raise their children in a family focused on love and spirituality.

Parents Cope With #Tantrums Daily

I sat in a restaurant the other day, with some two and three year old babies. Reassured by the grandfather of one of the babies, he acknowledged that he wound not be offended, if I decided to move to another table. My tolerance overcame my desire to leave. There was an outcry on the left, "I don't want to. Mommy, I said no!" The three year old started to hit his mother as she screamed, "You're gonna get a spanking if you hit me again!" The child proceeded to hit his mother, as she immediately fulfilled the warning. Screams from the child, filled the room as the two year old started to scream as well. Frustration consumed the face of each mother, who just wanted to enjoy their lunch. They looked at me and apologized but I could see their mental anguish. I once had babies that age. One was two years old and the oldest was three. I truly had empathy, because I had experienced a similar scenario. My heart went out to both mothers.

My peace became abundant as I remembered an article, I had previously read in Awake magazine entitled, How to Raise Responsible Children, October 2011. An explanation was given concerning tantrums which stated, "Well, consider the radical shift that has taken place in the toddler's life. Until recently, all he had to do was whimper, and adults would come running. Now he begins to realize that his 'rule' was only temporary and that he will have to do at least some things for himself. More and more, he comes to understand that he is in a submissive role which can be summed up by the Bible's statement: 'Children, be obedient to your parents in everything.'" Colossians 3:20 Parents went on to express how tantrums, was something that should be expected due to genuine discovery by the child, that they now lack control. What a devastating blow this can be to their young minds. Parents then blame themselves, for some mistake they have made due to these tantrums. Realistically, it is not the #parent's fault in all instances but a reality check for the child. The parent and child must allow this paradox to develop to its fullest potential by the expression of patience and understanding. Remember, your child must learn the true concepts of what is right and wrong. Parents must be consistent and loving with whatever discipline is given, to help the child get through these difficult stages of tantrums.

Another important point mentioned in this article about raising responsible children was from Jesus in Spain, "Both parents need to present a united front. If my wife and I don't agree on something, we talk about it in private. Children can detect when their parents are not united on an issue, and they will try to take advantage of that situation." Both parents should be involved in the decision making process of the child's life. Whether it is tantrums or any act of disobedience. When the child sees that both parents are involved in the disciplinary process of their lives and there is consistency; mental anguish will be lessened on both parents as they work together for the improvement of their child. A discussion was developed on the television show #The View, concerning mothers who allow their children to have tantrums. Whoppi Goldberg stated that some researchers believe that tantrums can be good for children. Whether this has been proven to be true or not, it is vital that we discipline our children. Powerful information concerning discipline and what effects it can have if we don't discipline our children is featured in the April 2015 Awake entitled, #Whatever Happened to Discipline? This article endeavors to show how parents who granted their children certain freedoms such as tantrums and continuous positive self-esteem without the experience of negativity, now regret their decisions. Children started to feel entitled and many were left, "ill prepared for the inevitable criticism and occasional failure that is real life," says the book #Generation Me.

If we truly love our children, helpful suggestions will always be accepted. None of us are perfect and we need all the help we can get to raise responsible children. Anyone can make a mistake in the raising of children. #Jehovah, who is Almighty God and our Grand Creator, made sons that turned out to be disobedient. Satan, along with his demonic brothers, left the perfect parenting role of their Heavenly Father. They then became an adversary to Almighty God. This was truly a disgusting practice but as imperfect parents, even when we give our children the very best, they may still emerge as enemies of what we instilled within them. Your instructions may not have been faulty but the child became an individual, who chose their own path, whether you agreed with it as a parent or not. You cannot hold yourself as a parent hostage because of their decisions.

Instill the truth from our Creator based on God's word the #Bible. Discipline where it is needed. Consistency, is vital in order to help the child maintain a solid foundation. Always remember, your child will be watching you. The example you set can be vital in the decisions your child makes. The child is desperately trying to figure out the confusing environment surrounding them. They need you as the parent, to direct them through this difficult maze of what we call, "life." Try to be there to instruct them through it, rather than demonstrating so much concern about what material things you can give them. Remember, they need you more than anything else. Be there through the tantrums and administer whatever necessary discipline based on love for them. The article for the Awake magazine on How to Raise Responsible Children, was offered all over the world in more than 230 lands. For additional information on this magazine and other Bible based information on how to raise responsible children go to,

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    • JeniferRW profile image


      7 years ago from Couch

      Great and helpful hub! I have a 3 year old son, my first child, and lately I swear it feels like we are butting heads on EVERY subject! I could say the sky is blue and he would want to tell me I'm wrong and it's yellow. Tantrums...OH YES. This is a great article for any parent dealing with anything in this area. Thanks for sharing this I really appreciated every word. I voted up/useful/awesome/interesting.


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