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Teach me how to be independent, strong German mother

Updated on August 7, 2016

Teaching me to stand up for their rights

One child was born, her parents always worried afraid of being hurt, bullied, to pain, to cry. Notorious German parents in the upbringing of the child is stubborn, confident, knowing protect their own interests. Let's dig a great way to teach children self-reliance, strong coming from this beautiful country:

Teaching me to stand up for their rights

Luisa Weiss - a girl whose father is American and his mother was Italian but German lives with her husband and son in the capital Berlin 3 years happily recounts interesting experience as a bride of Germany:

When my son was 2 years old Hugo, once I meet and talk with my teacher in kindergarten, she informed me: "I am worried about her participation activities Hugo with you. You need to stand up for their own interests more. When the others came and took toys from the hands of Hugo, I just leave like that. "

Maybe I was shocked because it was not such a good thing or star, this is called shared that. But the teacher said: "You need to know how to recover or regain toys with you. The teacher can not fight in any case protection is grandchildren. "I smiled, this is so different from what we were taught in the United States. The Americans teach children to share, know a bargain. The Germans concentrated teach children about protecting themselves, protecting their own interests. It is an interesting thing.

Always create opportunities for children to go out, especially going out alone

The Germans have a proverb, the substance is "no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." Parents are extremely serious about Germany outside to breathe fresh air, exercise and visit the zoo, explore the area around your house everyday. Despite the gray sky outside and cold it is, parents are also trying to facilitate bringing the outside or, if possible, to assign the child out alone

Most German babies 7-8 years old or older were walking to school or to a neighbor's house without her parents led. Some children still walk the subway alone. German abduction occurred extremely rare, so that parents can rest assured when Germany for the children out alone to freely develop independence, self-managed in the absence of parents.

Child cycling without pedals

One of the things that will make you surprised when visiting the country Germany which is the appearance of the bike has no pedals. All children from 1-3 years old have a bike like this. German conception, once learned how to balance the bike is traveling will become very simple. To Germany, you will see the 3-4 year-old baby just know it's cycling through the exercise bike with no pedals from early on.

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