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Teacher Rapes Teen and Sentenced to 30 days!

Updated on August 27, 2013
The teacher
The teacher
The victim
The victim

In 2008, Mr. Stacey Dean Rambold,45-50, was charged with three counts of sexual intercourse without consent. His victim was 14 yr.old, Cherice Moralez. He plead guilty to one. His charges were dropped if he went to sexual assault treatment therapy, but when he was terminated from it, the D.A. had the original charges reconstituted after several years had passed, At trial, the fully developed girl beyond her years (according to the Judge), had ASKED him to sexually assault her! According to initial testimony, the young woman stated she wanted the role play and that she wanted to eventually humiliate him on TV's Jerry Springer!

In 2010, Cherice committed suicide from the trauma and horror of the ordeal. The family won a $91,000 wrongful death award from the school district.

While Stacey was in treatment ( a deal that would have dismissed the charges had he completed it) was terminated from the program when he had been having unsupervised visits with minors and had not informed his counselors that he had been having sexual relations with a woman.

The judge decided to only sentence Stacey to 30 days in jail. To that, the mother of Cherice yelled, " You people suck!".

No doubt this case will go to the appeal stage.


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