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What makes Good Parenting

Updated on August 23, 2013

Raising your children with respect, valve and Morales are the key to bonding the family unit. In today's society the system has taken over the responsibility of parenting some children. A child can't be raise by the court system, it up to parents to instill respect valves and morals.

Some parents have abandoned their role as parents because of a system that dictates to them, what they can do. I grew up in the South where families was in full control of their families, they didn't need courthouses or judges to tell them how to raise their children. At a early age a child was taught valves, Morales and respect. In today's social raising children the old-fashion way is against the policy of the system because it's labor as abuse.

Today's Parents are more involve in giving there children want they want, their jobs and social issues. Some Parents wants to be their children friends instead of just saying no. So many of today's children are selfish,rude and defiant to their parents,when they can't get their way. Yesterday's parents are more involve in shaping the character of their children. Nothing is given freely in order to get, it had to be earn.

yesterday parents believed in punishing their children for the good of the children. Today's parents spend thousands of dollars a year seeking therapy,without showing these children true love.


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