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Teaching With Games - Colors

Updated on October 18, 2011
Color Wheel
Color Wheel

Young children are learning from everything they do, see, and hear. The best way to teach them something they need to learn is by making it a game. Using games to teach colors can be fun for both you and your child. Below are some games I've played with my daughters to get them to recognize colors. You may, at some point, think your child is color blind, but if you give it time they will pick it up. At one point, my daughter thought everything was blue.

Color Games For Children

Games, Chores, Learning and Colors!

One of the first things I did with my oldest child was we played the clean up game. As soon as she was able to understand most of my words and repeat my actions, I had her help me clean up the toys. As you ask her to pick up an object, describe the color to her. Pick up the blue ball. Even if they don't know exactly what you want, tell them what you want them to do and show them. They'll get the hang of it.

When driving and they notice a bird, say something like, "Yes, that blue bird is beautiful, huh?" If they notice anything, repeat it with the color description. As they get older and know the difference between some colors, ask them to point out the red truck at the red light. Or the green house on the corner. Make it a little scavenger hunt in your car!

Another thing we did was make shape and color flashcards. I would then dump the cards out on the floor and ask her to get me all of the red ones. At first, she wouldn't know what the red ones looked like, so I would pick a red one and ask her to get me all of the same color. After a while, you will no longer need to pick one first. She'll be able to get them.

For Christmas one year, Santa brought her colored bean bags. These bean bags where different colors, had the name of the color embroidered onto the bag, and came in a carrying bag. Her favorite thing to do with them was to look at a bag, say the color and launch it into the empty laundry basket.

Scavenger Hunts for Color!

Another favorite in our household is the scavenger hunt. Pick a color and ask your child to find items in the house that are that same color. If it is a nice day, take the scavenger hunt to the park! Lots of fun, learning, and exercise -what could be better?

Rainy Day Activity

What you need:

  • Construction paper in the color you are teaching
  • Old magazines -child appropriate!
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors (for you to use)


  1. Write the color on top of the paper
  2. Ask your child to find pictures in the magazine that have that color
  3. Cut out the pictures for your child (or help them, depending on their experience)
  4. Have your child glue the back of the picture
  5. Have them stick the picture on the paper

Tip - Save each one of these you do and make a learning scrapbook out of it. Very fun to look back on.

Be Creative!

Although these games worked with my girls, not every child is the same. If your child learns a bit differently, adjust the games to make them more fun for them. Everything can become a learning lesson for them, to increase their love of learning we need to make the process fun and engaging.


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