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How To Teach Your Toddler: Activities To Teaching Color and Shape

Updated on September 24, 2013

Fun Things To Help Your Child Learn Colors and Shapes

As a first time parent, I began to think my two-year old was color blind. She would never get her colors right when I asked her. Everything was blue. And I mean everything! I was concerned and frustrated. But, I found a few things that helped us get through it. After making the flashcards seen on this page, I know for a fact she is not color blind! She can sort the shapes by color, so I know she can see the different colors.

In addition to the flash cards I made, there are a few other things that helped in teaching colors and shapes to her. Try them out, you'll be amazed at how quickly they learn!

  1. Incorporate the learning into your every day routine.  When getting your toddler dressed in the morning, tell them what color their shirt and pants are.  If your toddler enjoys helping you clean up their toys, ask them to get the yellow ball or blue block.  Mention that the yellow ball looks like a circle and the blue block looks like a rectangle.  Describe everything to them when going for a walk, see the brown doggie?  The red bird?  This is where they will pick up a lot of things, just by interacting with you.
  2. Open a clothing catalog, point to a colored shirt on a page and ask them if they can find another one in the catalog.  It ends up turning into a mini Easter egg hunt.  Be warned, you catalog may not make it through this learning session!
  3. If your toddler has building blocks that are different colors, try showing him or her how to separate the different colors.  Make a pile of all blue with a yellow thrown in and ask them if that is right.  This activity may turn into you having to build a castle with them, but this is an easy way to teach them that learning is fun!
  4. Bedtime stories are another great way to teach them different things.  Ask them if they see a certain color on the page, or even a shape.  Point to the different objects on the page explain their colors and show them the shapes.
  5. As they get better at distinguishing the different color and shapes, you can start playing I Spy.  You may have to help them in the beginning, but it is fun that allows them to learn, interact, and spend quality time with you.

Completed color and shape flash cards.
Completed color and shape flash cards.

Make Your Own Flash Cards

What you'll need:

  • Colored construction paper
  • Laminating machine
  • Marker
  • Scissors

Take a sheet of construction paper and draw the different shapes you want to teach your child. Repeat with all the diffeent colors. Cut out all of the shapes. On one side of the shape write the color in marker, on the other side write the shape. Place shapes in laminating paper and run it through the machine. Once all of the shapes are laminated cut them out. Be careful of sharp edges! Instead, round the corners of squares, rectangles, and triangles.

Once the laminated shapes are cut, have fun with your toddler as they learn colors and shapes!


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