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Teaching your 1 year old colors, shapes and numbers!

Updated on March 21, 2013

Ready, set, Go!!

I can do this!
I can do this! | Source

Your one now, let's step this up a notch.

Your baby is most likely walking now. They are curious and starting to mumble words or have already had their first word. They know about speech because they have been observing you and others. They already know there is a method of communication and they are on their way to learn it. It's time to supplement them with some additional basic skills and give them a head start!

Shapes - your child most likely knows what most shapes look like because of the toys they've been playing with. You just have to help them learn the names of each shape. A circle is round like a ball, then repeat CIRCLE. A square is like a block, then repeat SQUARE. Let them hold it and touch it. It might take some time for them to verbalize (repetition is key as I mentioned in my two previous posts). I would say that in about a month or so your little one will know exactly what you hold in front of them.

Colors - Let's start with the basics. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Use veggies, toys, colored spots, be creative, show them colors exist on many things. Don't go further past primary colors until they learn these four. Let them understand the concept of colors first.

Numbers- Start numbers after your child has mastered shapes and colors first. By this time they will really understand that Mom or Dad is teaching me and I am going to learn something new. Start with 1, 2, 3; then once they know those numbers and how many cheerios, grapes etc. each number equals, move to 4, 5, 6 and so on. Try groups of 3 until you reach ten. Then have your little one start putting them together. Remember to praise them when you see an effort to try. Tell them how great they are doing!

There are a couple of great things that will come out of your effort to teach your child at this age. You will help them form better speech patterns, hearing mom and dad enunciate and pronounce words will help them develop their speech. You will further the bonding process, the time spent will help them develop with confidence. You will further their understanding of learning and help them in basic skills that they are quite capable of learning.

If you've followed my earlier posts, you are well underway on giving your child a healthy boost in learning. If not, your not too late ;). See ya soon on what to do after two!


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    • profile image

      Lisa Q. 13 months ago

      Try associating the word with the color. The written word to the color. After repetition you will find they catch on fast! Sorry for the late response!

    • profile image

      sesi 13 months ago

      I found it great, but How I will know that my baby knows this basic knowledge for example, colors ! how she will show me that she knows the difference between red, yellow, green and blue.

      thanks in advance