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Teen Phone Obsession

Updated on July 6, 2016

Phone Addiction

Drugs and alcohol is considered the most harmful and destructive combination affecting teenagers life. However, excessive phone use can have a negative affect on your teen's physical, mental and emotional health.

Here are some of the ways phone obsession can affect your teen:

  • Not having adequate sleep
  • Reduce time to complete homework assignments
  • Less face to face interaction with friends
  • Not enough time to complete their tasks

Study link excessive phone use to low self- esteem in teens. Also, teens who overuse cell phones are more likely to be anxious and depressed. Teens are more likely to be phone obsessed due to the fact that they can have instant interaction with friends and social media.even though they can be thousand of miles apart.

The obsession of teens with cell phones has become very serious and can lead to serious injury or even death. If you walk on the streets or drive along in your motor vehicle you will see teens on their phones having no clue what is happening around them. Crossing intersections without looking out for traffic or listening to music on their headphones and not been concern for their own safety.

When parents are asked why they think a phone is necessary for their teen, Here are some of their answers:

  • For their protection.
  • They can be reached anytime
  • Keep track of their movement
  • Security

Teen's, their use of cell phone and weather or not it cause a positive or negative influence is debatable. However, there should be more case study on how overuse of cell phone affect teens. In their best interest there should be legislation which governs the use of cell when in public. Parents have a responsibility at home to monitor their teen's excessive use of phone.

Teens and Cell Phones


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