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Teen Pregnancy

Updated on November 28, 2009

Teen Pregnancy

So i was sitting around listening to a group of teenagers talking, none of them looked like they belonged to the same so called "clique": in high school. Some where latino, black, white, tall, and short. You had your preps, cheerleaders, Choir singer, and your Athletic girls. In so many ways they were so different, but they all shared one thing in common. They were all soon to be teenage mothers.

Listening to their conversation i had no intentions of judging and i still don't. I was just amazed at how most of them claimed they had gotten pregnant. In most of these situations pregnancy could have been avoided. But due to their ignorance of sexual practice. Pregnancywas bound to happen.

I noticed as these girls spoke there was a mixture of sadness and happiness. The sadness seemed to be because, they realize that at there ages it's not the most realistic time to have a baby,but who's to say. And the happiness seems to be because, after there acceptance of knowing their pregnant, their looking forward to something that they feel they will love so much, and they will also receive unconditional love back no matter what.

I have to say no i don't promote teenage pregnancy, nor do i put teenagers down for having babies. My main reason for this article is because, i feel as though when someone is not completely informed about anything before they proceed ahead, there's always unnecessary consequences that are produced.

How many of you out their teen or not have gotten pregnant by just not knowing?

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    • bddonovan profile image

      bddonovan 8 years ago from Beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts

      Boy's do dangerous thing because of an immortality concept when they are teens. Along with the ignorance (or supposed ingnorance) is the equally incorrect "it will never happen to me" concept. Considering the number of sperm released it is amaizing that not all acts of intercourse end in pregnancy.