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Teen Relationships

Updated on October 12, 2010

I had a “aha” moment with my 16 year old son today.  If  parents just take the time to sit and have real conversations with their kids, they can learn some amazing things. 
So I’m in my kitchen, making dinner and my son comes in, sits at the counter and we started talking about dating, sex, and so forth.  Oh by the way, I am happy to say that my son is 16 and is still a virgin and he is proud of it.  So we’re discussing the possibility of him taking a vow of abstinence until marriage and he mentions this one girl whom that he really likes.  The problem is, his best friend likes her too. However, his friend does not know that he likes the same girl.  She happens to spend a lot of time with his friend and his family, so naturally he feels that she is interested in him.  However, this not knowing was obviously becoming unbearable.  So in an effort to put an end to their suffering, it was decided that my son would be the one to ask her the question.  Is there is a boy that she likes and if so, what are the qualities she was looking for?  So here it comes, My “aha” moment. After asking her a series of questions, so as not to make her aware that he was asking about his friend or even for himself,  she finally gives him an answer.  She told him that she isn’t interested in dating in High School, because for her, the purpose of dating is to find a life partner and since relationships in high school won’t go anywhere, there isn’t a need for dating at this time.  Wow!  To hear this from a young girl today is refreshing.  Admittedly, my husband and I have had question marks about some of the young girls that have visited our home. They seem to be on a mission.  So hearing this makes me a little less fearful.  My son then told that he hadn’t thought about dating that way, but it made sense and he agreed with her which is why he has a lot of girls he calls friend but does not have a “girlfriend“. Personally, I think he was just waiting for this girl and I hope he continues to wait for the right girl.


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    • profile image

      naturalsolutions 6 years ago

      That is a great story, I believe in you having a great bonding with your son is really a nice thing. Specially on dinner time, you will discover the attitude of your son and knows them better. For a father, it is good to hear that their son is dating with a girl, I'm pretty sure that every father will be proud of their sons in that case.

    • ShernetteHB profile image

      ShernetteHB 6 years ago from Orange County, New York

      Hi Linsey, if you're in High School, the last thing you should be doing is worrying about a boy. Those years and those relationships are meant to be fun. Concentrate on your school work. There is a whole world out there that you've yet to experience and you have your whole life ahead of you. Also if you are with a boy who is hitting you, get out now and tell someone. You decide how you're treated.

    • profile image

      Lindsey 6 years ago

      i have had a relationship for 3 years alomst and i have to say its hard to do school work and have to worry about him. some relationships are worse tho like some guys are to controlling or they think its ok to hit their girlfriend which is not!!! but i think its hard to date in high school...

    • ShernetteHB profile image

      ShernetteHB 7 years ago from Orange County, New York

      I agree, we teach our sons how to be caring and honest and loving and how to treat other women in their lives.

    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 7 years ago from Midwest USA

      Teen Relationships are difficult at best. Moms and their teenage sons relationship is where the young men learn to communicate and share their true feelings.

      Dads can teach them how to work around the house, mow the yard and shave, not to say a single mother cannot. Dads just need to play a positive role.