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Teen Romance in Afghanistan

Updated on August 2, 2011

In a word, nyet. Forbidden. So this is why American lives are wasted, soldiers are disabled for life, billions of dollars are spent fighting for the Afghanistan people whom could care less about Western norms, and its government secretly talk with the sworn enemy, Taliban, who are puppets of out allies, Pakistan.

We do all this so when two Afghanistan teenagers who look outside their borders as to what should be is not. Something as universal as love and dating is forbidden under the crooked and stupid Afghanistan way of life. What kind of idiots live like this? We do all this to prop up and support this kind of backwardness that is simply incomprehensible to any person outside of Afghanistan.

What happens when two teenagers in Afghanistan say, screw the system and their norms. Meet a boy and a girl. Their names are not important. They eye each other at an ice cream store in Herat. Knowing that it, in itself, is dangerous, they pretend not to. They move closer to and whisper hellos. Then, a daring move by the boy, his phone number on paper is sent tossed across the floor. The girl picks it up, smiles. Exciting. Young love. They managed to maintain secrecy for a time and then in a second, without thinking, they road together in the same car. In Afghanistan, this is like a siren blaring.

A group of men (it is always the men) stopped the car, open its doors and began interrogating the boy and girl:

Why are you together? What right do they have to break custom? Why are you touching her?

Minutes passed and over 300 others gathered around the car shouting that they were adulterers and stating they should be stoned to death. The boy was beaten up badly.

Finally, our billions of dollars worked. The Afghan police arrived. You know, those totally inept and corrupt men the US trained. The police took the teenage lovers into custody and split them up. The crowd was upset and burned the car and then tried to overtake the police station (doesn't this sound like the wild west in the 1800s?).

The uncle of one of the teenager lovers visited while in jail. The uncle indicated the relative had shamed his family name and that when they are released, he will kill them. The father agreed as he cried. The boy and girl still love one another and want to leave. She does not want to be forced into an arranged marriage where she hates the man who will abuse her. Both ask a simple question:

Why can't we love whom we want?

Well, in Afghanistan, customs prevail and US dollars and lives make sure they remain in place.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      @whatudink- only a sympathizer like yourself, living in a western world with none of the horror related to Afghan customs, would have such a moron opinion. All people want freedom away from idiotic customs that are rooted in tribal BS. here is newsflash- some taliban are home grown Afghan men who want to control all women and everything else.

    • profile image

      whatdouthink 5 years ago

      another thing Afghanistan has other VITAL issues to talk about other that teenage love. like poverty in Afghanistan. ever cared or even thought about that, huh?

      all u people want is just a bit of entertainment and were else to get it but from an indigenous country. you want some entertainment do flick the TV on.

      PS Taliban are NOT AFGHANS

      Afghans never started the whole Taliban controversy

    • profile image

      whatdouthink 5 years ago

      I'm a christian and here's the honest truth. u are a bias idiot. the reason why teenage love is forbidden in Afghanistan, is so that there are no teenage pregnancies unlike America and what America is really trying to do is turn Afghanistan into another sick version of America. the reason why afgans cover is for protecton AND BECAUSE THEY WANT TO. its a part of there culture its afgan style.

    • profile image

      whatdouthink 5 years ago

      excuse u

    • profile image

      marellen 6 years ago

      Sick.....thats all I can say. Why are we there? Spending billions and our military risking their lifes? It makes no sense to any of it....We need to get out of all foregin counties and let them exist with their backward culturals.