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Teen Shock

Updated on July 21, 2016

At 1:00 am our Teen Son Lost His Mind

After a long drive home from a family vacation, my husband says good night to our son Jason. My husband Michael comes to the couch and sits down next to me. Michael says, "I think they are about to pass out", I say "Good, that long trip wiped them out".

My husband and I sit on the couch to unwind with one of our recorded DVR shows;It's 12:59am. Our son comes out of his room and heads for the front door. My husband and I both look at him puzzled, our son says everything is ok and proceeds to go out our front door at 1am. My husband and I look at each other dumbfounded. My husband gets up and goes outside to find out what's going on. He comes back in and says theirs a kid out there that looks questionable and Jason said he was bringing him a milkshake. I yelped! "At this hour!?". So we wait and no Jason, so my husband goes back outside and that's when I hear it. The yelling. "You're only 16! you're not an adult, you just don't walk out of my house at this hour!". I could hear Jason getting an attitude and talking back aggressively to his father. Uh oh I thought, Jason has finally lost his mind! I could hear my husband say look at me when I'm talking to you and don't walk away. I knew Jason was in for it and I was afraid for him. My husband comes in and tells me he has a friend drive over here to bring him food at 1am in the morning! And then my husband says there's no food. So not only was their an inappropriate leaving of the home, there was also a lie about why. The lie infuriated my husband even more.

The Tweet With The Middle Finger At His Parents

The next day my husband shows me a tweet Jason made about how his parents thought he was buying drugs. Neither one of us talked about or thought drugs, but Jason was the one that kept saying, "what do you think I have drugs". Jason ended up grounded indefinitely and also had to read and write down the definition of the word respect. He also had to write a few paragraphs about how you are to respect your parents and how to talk to your parents. The final part of being grounded was taking the cell phone away. With that we learned there were phone calls and snap chats and tweets coming in at all times of the night and am hours.

My husband and I had a talk and the man of the house told me he's got this, so I am sitting back and watching and hopefully Jason will learn a good lesson and never lose his mind again!

Grounded For 1 Week

After three days of being grounded Jason starts working his father for his phone back. We don't normally ground Jason, so this is a first for us. It's funny how the kids don't know that we as parents don't want to ground them. But when you talk back, are disrespectful, keeping friends with people who destroy property with no regard, and the next day continue to speak to your father in a very disrespectful tone acting like you don't care, is grounds for being grounded (In my book a month but my husband & I agreed on 1 week).

How do you deal with disrespectful teenagers?

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