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Teen Sexuality & Desire

Updated on January 30, 2017

Questioning the questions?

It is becoming clear to many people that sexuality and sensuality are things that change with age and environment in a woman's life. I am particularly dealing with the BIsexual, Lesbian and Gay and Questioning community.

Teenagers all over the world where there are television producers and television sets or internet connections, are exposed to ideas and examples of same sex relationships in varying ways. From Will and Grace's gay guys and lady designer to Golden Girls gay housekeeper in the first episode and Blanche Devereaux's gay brother there are classic examples of the gay and lesbian culture and reality.

Since the legalization of gay marriage in Canada and just recently in the US it is becoming more and more of an issue ----- at the heart of it is WHO do you fall in love with??? In theory this should not be any concern of the government - unless the people are not legal age.

To kiss a girl on that all important stage at the oscars or grammys, creates a stir almost half a world away.When really sexuality and the expression of caring and love should be univserally understood. People should be made aware of the fact that for most women sexuality and sensuality are fluid - meaning they can change.

Since the dawn of the television age practically it seems that once children reach a certain age of understanding ( generally school age) that they begin to self identify and question who they are and who they like in the opposite or same sex. This is a psychological and biological process.

By the age of twelve we know who we are attracted to on a physical level, and sometimes on a mental level too. Our hormones and lust responses begin to appear and we decide to act upon them, most of the time by the age of 16.

This is different thought for homosexual or for those questioning ( LGBTQ) sexuality or sexual preference. Because of social acceptance and particular laws in many countries, people delay the announcement that they prefer one or another label, and coming out of the closet may not even occur until the person reaches the age of 30, or relocates to a place where it is more accepted.

Have you heard about the Fluidity of Sexuality?

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