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Teenage violence

Updated on September 28, 2012

Stop violence

No one charged for the murder a a Chicago rapper.
No one charged for the murder a a Chicago rapper. | Source

Signs of violence

Drug use amongst teens in the U.S has become an increasing problem throughout the country. For children in high school, they are exposed to many new types of peer pressure that they may not have previously. Where in decades past this may have been an inner city problem, year after year these problems are becoming nation wide. The effects of drug use for teenagers can ruin a child for life. We have all intervention and shows similar, the common theme with most of the users on these shows and across the nation users are becoming younger and younger. Teenage judgment while abusing drugs can lead to choices that can effect a Child's life forever. As parents we must teach the harmful effects of abusing drugs to our children and not just allow them to find out about drugs on their own. Know the signs of drug use, and as always stay in constant communication with your children. Know their friends and where they like to hangout, and always be as positive as possible.

violence statistics

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Youth violence

In case people do not know about me, I was born on the west side of Chicago. As a child I saw first hand the effects of gangs and the violence that followed them. I also spent two years living in Memphis, Tennessee and Reno, Nevada. Each of the cities that I stayed had no comparison to the amount of teenage violence that was and still is present in many inner cities like Chicago, New York, and L.A. School violence is on the rise all across the nation without an end insight. Riding past Paul Robeson High school in Chicago Englewood neighborhood the treat of violence at school could be felt across that entire area. Four police cars, and over 20 members of a community watch group stand guard around the school in an effort to ensure that students are able to make it home safely. As parents we have failed our children. How can children hope to be successful at school when they are fearful of their safety once they are released. We must stop just being parents, and start becoming leaders in our communities. Stop just watching your children, but be as active as possible in their everyday lives. Break down the communication barriers and be inspiration that they deserve.

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Violence awareness

Gangs not only distribute drugs, encourage violence, but also look to recruit new members at a very young age. In fact in their eyes the younger the better. They will put their weapons and drugs in the hands of young children because they are less likely to be searched by police, also they are less likely to receive much of a punishment from the law because of their age. Intimidation can be another factor as the reason that teenagers join gangs. Single parent children and those who maybe looking for some type of protection from rival gangs or bullying sometimes prove to be able to be drawn deep into gang life. In Chicago there is the story of “ Jo Jo” who was a 19 year old aspiring rapper on the south side. His involvement in gang activity was seen throughout the internet with his song B.D.K which was a diss song at a rival gang. In his last post before his murder he was on you tube with guns out looking for rival gang members, he was killed shortly after. Another case of bad teenage choices. His mother insists that her son was a good loving boy.

To combat your children from joining gangs, try to keep them involved in activities such as sports, reading, or clubs. Give them a positive place to do the things that they enjoy. Show them examples of what gang life leads to like the story of Jo Jo.

Violence statistics

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Facts on violence

One of the worst experiences that a child can go through is to be bullied by other children. The effects of bullying can have a serious long term impact on how your child life turns out. Some kids will turn to drug abuse, while others become involved in gang life. But in some cases children fight back as we have seen in some school shooting in the past. Schools need to become more aggressive in fighting these type of conflicts within their schools. Bullied teens grades and attendance tend to drop as a result of the trauma that they go through. If you believe that your child is being bullied, bring the issue to the school principle and or teachers. They are the people who are trusted to keep your child safe while at school.

How to prevent violence

As a nation we need to play a more active role in our teenagers life. Do not allow them to fall victim to the many temptations that plague this country today. In the old saying it takes a village to raise a child, we must think of this as a theme for parenting. Keep them involved in activities, enlist the help of other family members for additional help. Know your child’s teacher as they may notice signs of behavior change before even you may. I hope that you found some good information in this hub, please leave any comments that you want. As always support you fellow hubbers.

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