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Teenagers, Alcohol Abuse, Binge Drinking, Graphic Images, Drinking Problems

Updated on October 14, 2011

Stroppy teenagers, who'd have them. Alcohol abuse amongst teenagers is always on the increase according to all government statistics. Teenage alcoholism can cause many families to split up, long terms of imprisonment, and eventually even death. Alcohol or booze may relieve the symptoms of problems for a couple of hours, but the problems will remain, but the pocket will be emptier. Binge drinking has become the normal way of life for many teenagers as they try to out-drink their friends into a stupor which will see how far each of them can vomit or how many times.

Most teenagers who drink, have spent more than one occasion with their face down a toilet as all that they have drunk, finds its way back up. If alcohol had been invented this year, all governments would of banned it. The AA ( Alcoholics Anonymous ) is usually inundated with teenagers whom have picked up severe drinking habits which have begun to take over their lives. Alcohol abuse is a contagious condition which is spread via parents or friends, or caused by desperation or despair.

What Is An Alcoholic ?

Help with alcoholic teenager. This is an internet search term used hundreds of thousands of times a year. Teenagers and alcohol is a faster growing problem than any type of drug abuse. Most teenagers begin to drink alcohol at home with their parents permission. This is where the rocky road to self alcoholism starts. So if parents allow their children to drink in excess, then it is the fault of the undeserving parents. Well done mum and dad, you may be destroying your child's future, and yours.

An alcoholic, is a person whom relies on the stimulation or numbness that alcohol gives them, to be able to cope with another day on this unforgiving planet. Most heavy alcoholics will try and constantly remain in a state of pure inebriation, drinking 24 hours a day. It is a way for them to forget their worries or to forget the past.

First Signs Of Teenage Alcohol Abuse

Lack of Money

Learner teenage alcoholics begin their drink habits as a social evening on the weekends. It then grows to several evenings a week. Borrowing money from family and friends once their wages have ran out, totally unaware that the alcohol is becoming a problem.


Teenagers are notoriously stroppy and moody at any time of the day or night anyway. But as the alcohol is replenished constantly in their body, they become more moody. A teenager drinking to much will soon lose friends, as alcohol is actually a slow depressant, eating away confidence and causing countless arguments. Teenagers will deliberately cause an argument as an excuse to have a drink, and then blame it on some one else.

Early Drinking

Drinking early in the day time is not the sign of an alcoholic. But, drinking early in the day time many times a week may be. Alcohol abuse, is the abusive use of the effects of the alcohol in the drinks. Manufacturers of colorful alcohol related products designed for, and aimed at, the younger generation whom have been known to drink these on their way to school.

Visual Signs of Teenage Alcohol Abuse

Distinctive slurring of speech is a usual sign that somebody has been drinking, which is normal even for a person who drinks once a week. A more distinctive sign is the slowness of the individual to react to certain things, or the slight loss of memory. The left side of the palm between the little finger and the wrist may be constantly a deeper shade of red. And the smell, that unforgiving stench of stale alcohol on the breath and through the sweat glands.

Is Teenage Alcoholism A Disease ?

No. Teenage alcoholics do not have a disease as such, it is more like a personal hell. Whatever reason they give themselves or their family and friends for drinking so much, that is the cause of their downfall, but unfortunately, they can drag others down with them.

Alcohol is not like drugs. Alcohol is more readily accepted in the world. Alcohol gives way to rage and causes more fights in a home than a man leaving the toilet seat up. Alcohol is the same as most things, okay in moderation, dangerous if taken to often in larger quantities.

Talking To Teenagers About Alcohol

Talking to any teenager about anything is always difficult, because they already think they know everything. Talking to them about their drinking habits is harder. The average teenager will instantly dismiss any admission of drinking alcohol to silly levels. They will usually follow the first ever rule, which is to deny everything.

Many teenage alcohol abusers accept their problem eventually and contact Alcoholics Anonymous or even the Samaritans, for help which is always given. This group has helped save the lives, families, and businesses of millions of people around the world. It is usually free, and does not mean standing up in front of a group of people and stating " Hello, my name is Dave, and I am an alcoholic" This is for group sessions.

Teenagers may resent any help, as they think that they are in control of the problem. But the alcohol in their system is calling the shots. Talking to them may not be the answer, gentle persuasion may help, or a massive sharp shock may alter their perception of alcohol abuse.

Bizzare Shock Treatments That Worked

Life has cruel twists and turns. Some one else may pay the ultimate price for your survival. Here are two true stories that saved two separate people from ruining their lives with alcohol.

NB. Their names have been changed.

Debra, 14 years old, Liverpool, England. Drinking over half a bottle of vodka every day after school. No respect for authority. Not much respect for herself. Swears at police, small criminal record. One night out joy riding in a stolen car, she was in the passenger seat behind the driver. Her close friend was next to her, with another girl occupying the remaining rear seat. Two boys were in the front seats. The car crashed. The girl next to Debra was impaled by a long metal pole, straight through her chest. She died. Debra sat there for hours next to her dead friend as the fire crew cut them both free.

Debra now has two children, has learnt and earned great respect for all people. She lives life to the full and only drinks on special occasions.

Terry, 19 years old, London, England. Mind sweeping any type of drink. Loved partying. Slight liver problems, but thought he was invincible. His friend had a sister who worked in a mortuary. Terry was taken their on a pretence for meeting for lunch with another friend. The friends sister showed him around the morgue. This is Santiago, a drugs overdose, she announced as she pulled open the drawer to reveal a young dead man on the slab. And this one died from liver failure, pulling open another draw. This is Mark, aged four, she again proclaimed with another drawer, killed by a drunk driver.

The story continues slightly as Terry vomited. But the conclusion was that although Terry never married, within two weeks his alcohol addiction was reduced to near zero. Now he wears a suit, and works long hours and has a clean driving license..


Nobody is ever suggesting that you take a man to a morgue to try and indicate the possible result of binge drinking. Most shock treatments are fate, which can have a resounding effect on a persons life, even at the cost of another person.Teenage alcohol abuse is a curable infliction. It will take time and will cause many broken hearts and stress on immediate family and friends. But never worry, help is always there through government funded organisations and charities. Do not be afraid to ask for help. It is only embarrassing if you do nothing about it.

Books advertised on this page may help with a family member whose drinking habits are becoming excessive or worrying.

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