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Teenagers, Drug Abuse, Drugs, Graphic Images, Drug Problems Rehabilitation / Rehab

Updated on December 25, 2015

Heroin Injection Marks

Drug abuse.

Teenage drug abuse is common place, from smoking a joint to chasing the dragon. Drugs and teenagers is not as common as eggs and bacon, but without drug information and knowledge, you, or your children, could also end up on 'B' or 'A' class drugs quite easily.

Teenage drug problems, are only problems, it is not the end of the world. Teenagers can be warned off of drugs and can 'kick the habit' with help. Modern society, through films, has glorified drugs, alcohol, and even carrying offensive weapons. Children around the globe are fed a daily dose of drug abuse through the television set, which is the worlds greatest babysitter.

The humble TV acts like an advert between programmes. It highlights drugs and drug misuse by cool actors who are only playing to the script. For teenage children, it is like the impulse purchase syndrome, they see it, they want to try it. Another fantastic advert for drugs for children is parents. If a child sees' their parents smoking or taking drugs, in the child's eyes, they think it is okay for them also to try it. This is because they have been nurtured by their doting parents whom have looked after them since they were born and would not do anything to harm their children. How foolish and naïve children are.

Smoking Weed

Smoking cigarettes is the first step to taking any drug. The 'buzz' a child gets from their first cigarette soon wears out. And although many smokers continue to just smoke normal cigarettes or tobacco, there are many that will try something a little stronger.

Smoking Weed

Smoking weed, pot, marijuana, bush, leb, black, skunk, or any other type of of easily obtainable smoking material is the next step.

It depends on the individual person if they take it any further and begin to try something else. Many people around the world actually benefit from the properties in the actual green marijuana. The medical benefits for arthritis sufferers is unique, and many make herbal tea from it.

Scientists cannot make up their minds if smoking natural marijuana is more damaging than cigarettes or not, but most do say that prolonged use will help deteriorate the brain cells quicker over a long period of time. The tobacco, which is mixed with the weed, contains more harmful chemicals which are bad for the health.

Kids begin to smoke weed when they see others doing it. Their 'friends' encourage them to take a drag to try it, and are usually pressured by intimidation into continuing to smoke to keep up appearances. Many smokers are peaceful, and smoking weed has less side effects than drinking alcohol. Smoking weed can help people relax, but it still alters the mind and an individuals perception. Weed can also make a person seem 'chilled out', even to stressful situations.

Heroin Kills


Heroin is a class A drug, is very addictive, and can be a life shattering experience for people trying the drug or for friends and families. Heroin is nasty. This drug causes individuals to commit crimes to get their next fix. Heroin, taken into the body through a hypodermic needle, is the preferred method of taking this drug. Once the arm is filled with scabs and the veins collapse from needles, heroin takers will then begin to inject through other parts of the body including the groin area.

Heroin can become a habit very quickly, mostly after only one or two 'hits', then the person is hooked and will begin to seek their next fix. Taking the drug makes users fee like they could do anything, and be hyperactive. Not having the next fix will give the person the shakes, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, and all the symptoms similar to a really bad case of the flu. Other symptoms of withdrawal are serious anxiety and a skin crawling feeling like no person has never had. Heroin abuse is on the rise across the world as society allows youths to be pampered without strict parenting and laws.

Help With Heroin Addiction

Help Me

There are many drug rehabilitation or rehab centres which offer assistance with heroin abuse help. These centres are government funded, and are more use than just handing out new needles to addicts to continue injecting themselves. This drug is possibly the worst ever created, it ruins lives and kills people, very painfully. It is degrading, very anti social, and destroys a person from the inside.

Any teenagers being offered this drug should refuse instantly, the person offering it is probably a dealer wishing to cash in on your misery.

For Parents or Family

Home drugs testing kits allow parents to perform random drugs tests on their off-spring. This may infuriate parents whom find out that their children have taken drugs or will make parents know that their son or daughter is drug free.


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    • profile image

      VJF 6 years ago

      At 15 years old I found out my son was getting high....I didn't find out until my son hit rock bottom because he "partied" alittle too much one night and I had to take him to the emergecy room. He went from there to a clinic for help with his problem What I found out floored me! How could I have not noticed?? I am a very involved mother who loves her children so much??? My son started smoking "weed" at the age of 13.....from there he wanted a better high and went on to pills...."oxys"...He did good for awhile staying clean. Here we are two years later and my son started acting different, attitude, sleeping, not coming home on time etc.... when we sat him down and asked him what was gong on and that we believed he was using again I might as well of been punched in the face and thrown on the floor. This time he started out with"perc 30's" and from there heroin....My son??? My son? The loving, sweet funny, adorable and very talented son was snorting heroin!!! He told us he tried to stop many times and couldn't. He asked for help. this does not happen very often so I was so grateful for that!! My son is currently in rehab getting help that he needs to help guide him in making good decisions and to give him the tools he will need to help him stay clean. I am so shattered. Reading all these posts online show that once a heroin addict is always a heroin addict. I am praying that this is not always the case. I am praying that he is not going to be one of the ones that go in a circle and never ending battle with heroin. My heart goes out to anyone who has had to deal with child addiction. This will be the hardest fight my family has evr had to fight.....All this started from trying alittle weed. I get upset when people say weed is no big deal. It may not be for you, but for others its starts a spiral of addiction that just cant be stopped.


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