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Teenagers with Attitude!

Updated on July 12, 2012

Teenagers with Attitude!

It is quite normal for your teenager to take advantage of his or her situation in life concerning living at home with you as a parent.

An example would be, for instance; some children would leave on the TV & vacate the room, maybe leave all the lights on & leave dishes floating around the house for others to pick up, & even not bothering to tidy up their bedroom, & get their abode back into order once again.

For an outsider walking in & seeing this array around the home, he or she may think the situation as being disrespect to the poor home owner, whilst the home owner grumbles under their breath whilst relentlessly tidying up once again.

Could it be that these children are seeking attention? Now any kind of attention is attention after all, both good & bad.

It is always best to encourage, & allow your child to help with chores from a very early age onwards; this not only helps in their development of growth but instills a kind of respect for their own capabilities & towards you, others & their property besides enabling them to become more independent. And this is one of the traits of good parenting & believe it or not your kids will thank you later on in life!

But is it too late to start now? It may never be too late to begin to instill manners as such. And it all boils down to the factor of attention once again. Even though you have a busy lifestyle, always take the time to be around your child & ask them if they are ok & if anything is bothering them. Maybe offer to help them with certain activities such as home work etc: & this is a good kind of attention that is required to aid in ones recovery to earn respect from your child.

You must also learn to back up your word! When things are not going as smooth as you like it to go & your children are still being messy around the home you must now start to punish them by grounding them until the outlined chore is completed, or take away one of their belongings such as their game console or TV for instance until the outline chore is completed. Now even this is a kind of attention that they seek because if you just allow things to carry on, you have no one to blame but yourself, & because of this, some will take advantage of your very way of life. So you need to take control & re-enforce your decision, whatever it may be, & most importantly, don’t forget to make a fuss, or pay the attention deserved to reward them for their activity & you should begin to see the changes in a short while.

Let me know what you think? Dale


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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 5 years ago from Wales UK

      a few views, we have all been there (as teenagers)

    • red mermaid profile image

      red mermaid 5 years ago

      An interesting view Inspired to write. I find that this is typical behaviour for most teenagers, however i've found that eventually they grow out of the behaviour. The majority of whom become tidy individuals and are a credit to their parents.