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Teens Who Get Pregnant

Updated on October 8, 2012

It is very common right now that young girls get pregnant because of what we called premarital sex. Some factors that affect this case are the media, environment, and of course it depends on how the parents raise and discipline their children.

Here in Philippines, poverty gets even worse because of the lack of education regarding with family planning. Mostly who get pregnant or have the case of unwanted pregnancy are teenagers and young girls ages from 14 and above.

in the community where I live, most of the young girls I've seen were carrying babies and many of them turned out to be single parents. Its quite disappointing and sad because most of them are students when they got pregnant. I know someone who has a baby with the age of 17. She's intelligent and all are kinda envy her because she got so many talents and boys are always after her. But she got pregnant and now lives with her parents. Her boyfriend left her after he knew that his girlfriend was pregnant.

In this case, all teenagers should be aware of the consequences of the things they do. They should be very careful because having a baby is not so easy. Hope you have learned something.


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