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Television Shows for Young Kids - Excellent Educational Television Shows that Kids Like

Updated on May 17, 2011

Television shows these days seem to be out of control and expose children to everything under the sun. I know that as a parent I am almost always looking for a television show for my kids that is going to be wholesome and educational. However, during this quest I have discovered many television shows that are very educational in that they teach kids about the environment, conservation, music, and various other topics that as a parent can present a challenge in teaching our kids. I know that some of you will have probably already found the shows that I am talking about, but for some new parents you will probably be facing the same challenge that  I was when I was looking for acceptable television shows for my children to watch. Here are some of the shows that I have found that my kids love watching and are educational and at times even enjoyable for me to watch.

Bob the Builder

Now some parents might already have heard of Bob the Builder, but for some of us who have never had kids before we might not have even given Bob the Builder a glance other than when walking down the aisles of our local stores for the DVDs. I know that I had never even considered what this show was about until my kids got to the age of starting to want to watch television. That is when my quest to find excellent and entertaining children's programs started.

One of the things that you and your kids will learn about from watching Bob the Builder is that they will learn about conservation. I know that for some people teaching their kids about convservation can be a hard thing to do, but I know that for me my kids have learned more about conservation from watching Bob the Builder more than what I have taught them. So this is a definite positive.

The second thing that I have noticed that my kids have been learning from watching Bob the Builder is the importance of reusing items. Now for some people they might not think about reusing items, but I know that my kids love being able to reuse items and make them into new toys or other items. I know after watching Bob the Builder and learning about reusing they have started taking many of the boxes and other items around the house to make other items that they play with.

The third thing that my children have developed an even deeper understanding of while watching Bob the Builder is the importance of teamwork. While some people will be able to teach their parents about teamwork without the assistance of television shows, but mine could only grasp the concept of fighting with each other. Then after they watched some of the Bob the Builder episodes that the machines and everyone has to work together even if they do not get along they started doing things with each other more often and now only fight when they are trying to play with the same item.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine is another wonderful show that my kids enjoy watching. I know if your kids are like mine they love anything to do with trains. While this show focuses mainly on the older style of steam engines it is great because this show teaches your children many different topics. I know that for my kids I have found many benefits of them watching Thomas the Tank Engine on television. Thomas the Tank Engine has been around for years and according to one of the books that I have purchased for my kids on Thomas the Tank Engine he was written by a gentleman to educate his child.

Thomas the Tank Engine is a great show for your kids to watch for a multitude of reasons. The one reason that I like is that it manages to teach and entertain kids about friendship and the importance of building up friendships. I know that they learn this when they go to pre-school and school as well, but if you help foster the learning process at a younger age it makes it easier for them. You will discover that while watching Thomas the Tank Engine you can see how he teaches to build up and foster friendships even with the most impossible people. These are important life tasks that almost all of us can afford to grow from.

The second thing that my kids learn from watching Thomas the Tank Engine is that they actually learn a little bit about history. If you manage to find some of the older books that are available you can see the transition of the railroad in Britain from the steam age to the age of using Diesels all the time. I know that for some it can be a far stretch to imagine that the age of railroad evolved this way, but the books of Thomas if you watch most or all of them then you can realize the change of the railroad and from the way the writing is done as an adult you will be able to tell some of the old railroaders feelings on the diesels coming into the main stream for railroading.

The third important thing that your children will learn from watching Thomas the Tank Engine is that by some of their actions they can hurt others feelings. I know that this is kind of building upon the friendship task, but with some of the newer episodes you will be able to see how when Thomas or one of the other engines says something how it affects the feelings of the other engines.So your children will start to be able to understand the affects of what they say and do that can hurt feelings of other people.

With all these educational benefits that I have pointed out I am sure that you will find other educational benefits that Thomas the Tank Engine offers. However, I know that for my kids they are constantly learning more about how to interact with people, while at the same time being entertained by the wonderful engines that are around on Thomas the Tank Engine.

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina Ballerina is more of a show for girls, but I know that my son likes to watch the little mischievous boy mouse in the show. This show is very educational for children of all ages as they can learn quite a bit about friendships and how to build a friendship. Now the show focuses mainly on a little mouse named Angelina who is in ballet. Now for some people the thought of having a mouse be watched by your kids is terrifying, but I know that my kids like it.

One of the other things that you will notice that your kids will learn from this show is that it is not good to tell a lie. I recall one episode that Angelina was caught in the middle of a lie and that the lie eventually caught up to her. After she was caught in that lie my daughter decided to tell me that she had been lying about something that she had been trying to convince me she hadn't been for the past week. Since she has seen that episode of Angelina she has not really lied to me that much.

The second thing that I know that Angelina has taught my children is that they have learned how to dance to a certain range when compared to what they used to do. Now they have some form of coordination to the dancing that they are doing. I know that since I have been playing more music in my home they have started to dance more of the dances that you can see the little mice dance while watching Angelina Ballerina.My kids are also learning an appreciation for some of the classical music that is used in ballet which is nice because it helps my kids learn even more about the music that is around other than the normal radio stations we listen to.

If you are looking for a great show to teach music and dancing to you will find a great show here. I know that my kids are very interested in this show and this is one show that they can watch almost all the time without worrying about them getting tired of the shows. So I would have to say this is a great show to share with your kids.

While I am sure if you are like me you will always be concerned about what your children are watching on television you will find that these shows are great and my own kids love them! I know that if you are looking for other shows that plenty are available. These three shows though are just some of the ones that my kids absolutely love to watch and I have found that when they are watching these shows they have a tendency to learn and be entertained. Which if you are like me if your kids can be entertained and learn at the same time you are doing an excellent job.


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