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Ten Unusual Baby Girl Names Meaning Beauty

Updated on November 5, 2015

Choosing the name for a child is one of the most important decisions that any parent must make. The process can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and even stressful. While conventional, popular names can be charming and beautiful in their own right, more and more parents are searching for unusual names for their new family member. Many names, influenced by a variety of cultures, have unique sounds yet traditional definitions. For a baby girl, there are many untraditional names that denote beauty. This can be a great option for parents looking for some uncommon names with a more common definition. Here are ten quirky names that are associated with the quality of beauty, whether it be inside or out.


A plucky three syllable name that rolls of the tongue, Belinda is a charming name coming from German and Spanish origins. It could also be derived from the Italian word bella, which on its own translates to “beautiful”. Possible nicknames could include the quick and smooth sounding Bel or Lin. Parents could even opt for the sweet sounding diminutive Bindy.


This fun to say Greek name is short and sweet, yet still rarely used today. The name reached its peak popularity in the late 1800’s, but has since become quite uncommon. The meaning of Calla is “the most beautiful”. The mention of the name may bring to mind the Calla Lily, a popular flower used often for weddings and special events thanks to their simple beauty.


The name Elili is soft and simple; a stunningly simple alternative to the much more common Lily. The language of origin is Tamil, a language primarily spoken in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore. The name itself is easy to pronounce and simply spelt. There are great nickname options as well, such as El, Lil, and Elli.


Jamilla, with the similar lilt and pronunciation of Priscilla, is a name with Arabic and African origins and denotes beauty or grace. This name is not only unusual but it’s uncommon also, ensuring uniqueness. Though nicknames might be a little trickier with this name, they still exist. The super quirky deminuative Jam may please some parents, while others might opt towards the softer nickname Milly.


This name is actually quite popular in Ireland, where the traditional spelling Caoimhe is more commonly used. Keeva is an anglicized version of the name Caoimhe. This charming Celtic name means beautiful, gentle, and precious. It’s incredibly uncommon in the United States, making it a great choice for parents looking for a unique yet pretty name for their baby girl.

Weird Beard via Wikimedia Commons
Weird Beard via Wikimedia Commons | Source


We’ve heard of Annabelle, Isabel, and Clarabelle, but Marabel is a unique spin on names ending with “bel”. It’s a different take on the spelling of Maribel, and the A instead of the I adds a subtle difference to the pronunciation. Meaning beautiful, this is a strong yet sweet name that offers variety in nicknames, spelling, and pronunciation.


Used in the past as a diminutive for Naomi, this appealing and engaging name has only positive connotations. Some of its meanings include "beautiful", "pleasant" and "delightful". It has origins in both Hebrew and Japanese. This name is cutesy and original, without being over the top.


Similar in sound to the endearing name Ramona, this name is just different enough to make it an original option. It finds it’s origin in a language of India, Sanskrit. Sanskrit is often described as the classical language for both India and Hinduism, giving this name a rich and cultural background. Its principle meaning is “beautiful”.


This Hebrew name meaning “beautiful” has a lovely, easy pronunciation. It sounds both welcoming and friendly, coming across as cheerful yet never in your face. An adorable nickname possibility could be Shay.


Exotic, intriguing, and definitely original, Zuri is an energetic option that starts with the unexpected letter Z. This name is spunky with a bit of a punch, thanks to that first initial. This has Kiswahili origins (Swahili), a language commonly spoken in eastern and central Africa.

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Choosing a baby name is a big decision. It certainly can seem like a daunting task, and many new parents feel hesitant when faced with such a choice. But with a little research and preparation, the process can turn into a journey that as fun as it is memorable.

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