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Texas Teen Sues parents over Abortion

Updated on February 19, 2013

A pregnant 16-year-old in Houston, Texas is suing her parents to save her baby. She is claiming that her parents are forcing her to have an abortion of her unborn baby against her own will.

The fight among the family over the abortion will be heard at the Harris county civil courthouse. The lawsuit claims the mother of the unborn child is being forced against her will to have the abortion.

The girl is only two months along and is highly represented by lawyers from the Texas center for defense of life. The judge recently granted a temporary restraining order to protect the mother and the child’s life.

The teen’s attorney Stephen Casey told reporters that they are asking the judge to stop the parents from physically forcing their daughter to have an abortion.

As of right now the lawsuit is eight pages along. There are gruesome details about the parents allegedly verbally abusing the young mother to be. It is claimed that the mother was trying to invite her daughter out a bar for further discussion of the situation; there she would slip her daughter an abortion pill in her drink. Also in the lawsuit, the teen is claiming her father threating her to have an abortion because the decision was his, and not further discussion.

Even though she is under age, the decision is ultimately up to her and not her parents to force her.


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