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The Anti-Gamer; Just Say No To Video Games

Updated on June 22, 2014

Since I rarely come across anti-video game articles, I figured I would contribute my own brand of disdain. First I must confess that I spent a great deal of my late teens dead locked to any device that sported a screen. I am an adult of the “Mortal Kombat” and “Killer Instinct” clan. Then in the late nineties there came forth a curvaceous female explorer name Laura. I have no honest clue how many hours I spent per week trying to rescue artifacts with that bountiful woman. I must say, oh how I wish I would have used that time more wisely.

Parents, video games are not all innocence and free play. I admit It is difficult not to take advantage of such an easy babysitter. It is difficult to embrace the thought that your young are constantly developing and you must monitor the junk food they consume nutritionally as well as electronically. There can never be a surrogate for respect, self-esteem or humbleness if video games are your substitute. If your children and teens are locked away for hours each week, what is the emotional price they will pay when they are 25? 35? Parents, be a mentor, not an enabler. I am a parent; yes it’s quite a challenge when you need a break from playing make believe.

I am not going to post all the studies of the effect of violent video games regarding children; that is not the axe I wish to grind. Nay, I speak with conviction from stunted maturity. While engrossed in fantasy play or empire building, reality marches on.

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Young adults and teens please think about what you are saying of this life; please think about the investment of your precious time you will never redeem by animated graphic control. I truly wish someone would have set me aside and asked me to write out the benefits to my life that video games bring me. I truly wish that someone would have said, “Look ten years from now and ask yourself how you plan to reap the fruit of countless hours of video games?” How many relationships have you built? What jobs have you prepared for? What do you want to create in life? If I were to answer my inquisitor honestly, I wouldn’t have an answer worth leaving my lips. I do realize each of us live by different values, we each are chasing a different dream and that a little entertainment doesn’t seem all that harmful. No, a little isn’t, but 7,280* hours later, your child could have developed and mastered an amazing talent in the arts. (*just two hours a day for five years).

Looking back at the void this time created in my persona, I can safely say that I might as well have been inebriated. Please understand how I see my life transformed by the ruthlessness of time. If I am not at work, I am fussing with school, if I am not researching, then I am writing. Productivity is a drum I beat myself against. If my time isn’t dedicated to producing, then it must finally be spent soaking up the miracle of my little girl and wife. There is no doubt that age brings wisdom and with wisdom comes discernment. I lament the lost time I could have been mining books for information, socializing with life made mobile, or gazing the wonders of God’s green earth. I wish I would have played more tennis with my dad, I wish I would have devoted more time to my Spanish and French language studies. I offer my regret as your possible gain.

You cannot experience deep meaningful friendship transfixed on pixels. You cannot explore the philosophical differences of your matured family members wearing a headset. Will you appreciate the autumn colors from inside your home? Will you spot a deer hidden by the woods from the corner of your eye, sitting in your armchair? Will your lover want to ravish you after 12 hours straight of game play, wearing your baggy sweats, emanating the musty odor of ‘lazy man?’ Guys who ignore their gals for some cyber wars, how are you showing your women respect? How are you nurturing a deep and beautiful companionship with a controller in your hand and headset wrapped around your selfish noggin? I leave you with this, woman already have the upper hand on men regarding mature communication, so how exactly does 15+ hours a week help you catch up? Ask yourself; How do I want to be remembered? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Dr. Doug Cowan from the ADHD Information Library at


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