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The Advantages of Using Disposable Diapers

Updated on June 12, 2011

A basic disposable diaper.

Advantages of Disposable Diapers

There has always been the debate about cloth and disposable diapers. Which ones are best for your kids? Even though there are advantages of cloth diapers, the advantages of disposable diapers far outweigh the advantages of cloth diapers.

Here is a list of the advantages of disposable diapers: Convenience is one of the advantages of disposable diapers. Disposable diapers are convenient because they can be purchased at almost all retail stores. WalMart, Mejier, Costco, and Walgreen's are just a few retail stores that carry a wide variety of disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers are also very convenient while traveling. Traveling with young child can be difficult at times. Throw into the mix having to change a diaper or diapers, things can then become almost chaotic. Disposable diapers are easier to use and dispose of unlike their cloth counterparts.

Another one of the advantages of disposable diapers is wetness protection. Disposable diapers are much more absorbent than their cloth counterpart. A baby can go potty in a disposable diaper many more times than a cloth diaper. The disposable diapers will hold over 3 times their weight in water unlike a cloth diaper. Disposable diapers also leak much less than the cloth diaper.

This is especially true at night when a baby is in their diaper for an extended period of time. Many of the disposable diapers today are made with LeakGuard protection that keeps the fluids locked into the diaper and not on the clothes or the bedding.

Some of the other advantages of disposable diapers are their ease of use and their size. Whoever thought of using Velcro on disposable diapers is a hero. Almost all disposable diapers have built in ready to use straps made of velcro that make securing the diaper much easier and quicker than using a cloth diaper with safety pins.

Disposable diapers also come in a variety of sizes. This is probably the best of the advantages of disposable diapers. If you have ever tried putting a cloth diaper that is to big on a baby, it can be disastrous. Disposable diapers are made in different sizes that will fit you baby perfectly as the grow and mature.

Pick your favorite disposable diaper brand.

Which of these disposable diapers do you use on your baby?

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Funny Video of Dad's Changing Diapers.

Tell us why you prefer disposable diapers over cloth diapers?

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      9 years ago

      I prefer disposable diapers to cloth diapers for all of the same reasons that were described in the above Blog: Convenience, sized just right for every stage of Baby's growth and development, leakage protection, etc. And although I've been trying out different brands just for the fun of it, Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Baby Dry are still my all time favorites, because I love the cute Sesame Street characters, stretchy sides, safety grip tabs, softness, their Baby Powder scent, and their overall fit and design. They are simply the best! Huggies comes in as my next favorite because you can never go wrong with Winnie the Pooh, and I absolutely adore their new Pure & Natural diapers simply because they are better for the environment. Luvs comes in third because they fit just like Pampers and are scented, too, but also because they cost less than Pampers and Huggies. As for generic, White Cloud and Parent's Choice both tie in at Number One for me, although White Cloud was recently discontinued, because I like their overall fit and adjustable tabs. However, I'd like to see better designed tabs and more stretch on my generic diapers, though. Perhaps Parent's Choice can make their tabs look more like Pampers or Huggies tabs? A lot of parents of new babies have complained that the tabs on most generic diapers tend to cut into their newborns' skin, which can be dangerous if they get to close to an artery, plus if pulled too hard to secure the diaper, the tabs can tear off, completely wasting a perfectly good diaper. Cloth diapers may pay for themselves in the long run, cost less to use by year's end, be better for the environment, have many uses, help your toddler toilet train better than a disposable diaper, and feel softer and more comfortable for Baby to wear, too, but who really has the time anymore to wash and care for them, or who honestly can afford a good diaper service even if one were in their area? To me, cloth diapers are a hassle because they are simply too time consuming to care for and use. I'll stick with using disposables, thanks.


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