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The Best Baby Products

Updated on January 4, 2014

Phil and Ted's double stroller: This is the best that's out there. They are comfortable. Great on high-fast walks or just around the block. They are spendy though.

Avent manual breast pump: I have heard many good things about this product and that it's the best out there.

WOMBaby Sling: These are stylish and are very comfortable.

One-piece pjs: These are great especially with the zipper. You don't have to deal with the snaps

Sophie giraffe teething toy: This toy is easy for babies to grab and it has a bumpy face that helps with their teething. They usually grab the neck and chew on the face.


Munchkin feeders: These are great. You put food in the pouch and they chew on it and get all the nutrients and goodies from them. They are great!


Crocs: Crocs are great for kids. They are easy to put and take off.

Glamourmom nursing tank top: These are great. Not only are they comfortable but are easy to handle.

Boppy: These are amazing. Get one! They help keep the child up during feeding, sitting up, playing, etc...


BumGenius is a company that sells trendy reusable diapers. They are very modern, comfoartable, and leak proof. Try them out and see what you think

Teething Necklace

Here is a great tool for your babies growing teeth. It's an amber teething necklace. They can bite on this and it can sooth them. It also has many benefits for you baby. It reduces pain and inflammation. It has great immune boosting properties.

"Due to ambers density it is very lightweight and can feel like plastic. Amber is not a rock, but fossilized tree resin and therefore exhibits difference physical properties than higher density materials. It is lightweight, durable, warms to the touch and can be confused with plastic."

Baby Tub

Here is the Puj Flyte. It's not like most tubs, it's more flexible and easy to fold and store. It's very durable and if you are going on a trip this is the tub to bring.

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