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The Two Products Every New Mother Must Have for Their Newborn Baby.

Updated on September 5, 2014

These 2 Baby Products are Awesome

I'm not big on selling things, but my wife and I have had such a good experience with these two baby products (which are particularly good for newborns), that I thought I would pass on those experiences to others, particularly new parents, because owning these two products will make your the lives of new parents easier and, I think, make them better parents. Both of these products are a must have for your baby.

And having had two babies, we've gone through a lot of products and nothing made a bigger difference than the video monitor and the miracle blanket. We've tried all different kinds of strollers (our favorite was a simple one that folded up and was light), cribs, beds, toys, seats, eating things, reading things, noise makers - you have it.

These two products will make a difference. They will make you happier about parenting.

What's the best thing you ever bought for your baby?

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Baby Monitor with Video

My first must have baby product is a video monitor. I'll admit that I was very skeptical when my wife suggested one of these was a must have for our new baby. After all, we had already gotten one child out of the baby stage without the use of a video monitor and everything seemed fine.

However, I've got to admit, this was money well spent. I love this thing. Want to know why? This device not only makes you a better parent, but it saves you lots of agony and wasted energy and let me tell you, when you're a parent with an infant, anything you can do to stop agony and wasted energy is worth every penny. Of all the things we've purchased related to our baby, I would probably suggest this one products as a #1 must have.

So how did this make us better parents? Simple. By making us realize that we didn't have to intervene every time our child made a sound. This was a big mistake we made with our first child that hindered his ability to fall asleep on his own. Now, with the monitor, we can see that the baby isn't in distress, and we don't intervene. And guess what? He's learned to fall asleep on his own. Instead of going in his room and rocking him and spending countless hours trying to convince him to sleep, he does it on his own.

How much is that worth to you? For the longest time with our first child, we used only an audio monitor. Every time the baby would make a weird sound, one of us would run in there to see what was going on. And you know what? The kid got used to us running in to check on him, so he made more sounds. And let me tell you, babies make a lot of weird sounds. They make a lot of choking sounds and distress sounds and a lot of their noises sound like something bad is happening. Almost every time, nothing bad is happening.

And what happens to parents who run into their babies room every time he makes a noise? That's right, they don't get any sleep. And when parents don't get any sleep, they fight, they fall asleep at work. They hate their lives.

Trust me, buy the video monitor. Or better yet, try to audio only monitor for awhile and then buy a video monitor. You'll become an advocate.

You bought me what??
You bought me what??
Miracle blankets help baby sleep.
Miracle blankets help baby sleep.

Miracle Blanket

My second must have baby product is this swaddling blanket. For whatever reason, we couldn't figure out how to use this thing with the first kid and sort of ignored it. Not a huge mistake, but one that would have eased his transition to sleep. If you're planning on swaddling your baby, and you should, the miracle blanket is the must have swaddling blanket for babies. It's easy. It's fast. Babies love them.

If you didn't already know, swaddling an infant is a key to the infant (and you) getting to sleep. Infants love to be swaddled. That's how they slept in the womb and that's how they'll want to sleep for somewhere between two and six months. The trouble is, they start wriggling around pretty good after a month or two and a regular swaddling blanket tends to come undone unless you're a great swaddler. And when the swaddle comes undone, the baby wakes up. Then the parents wake up. Then everybody starts crying or wondering what in the world they were thinking when they decided to have children.

With this blanket, it's a lot easier to keep your baby in the swaddle longer and thus, they sleep better. My only regret about this product is that we didn't buy two because sometimes baby soils it and we're left without the blanket until we can finish the laundry. This induced some level of panic. So buy two miracle blankets so you have a clean one when one of your miracle blankets gets dirty.

Good products make for a happy baby and happier parents.
Good products make for a happy baby and happier parents.

What Baby Products are Essential for You?

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  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    I'm simply looking over your HUBS today. Looks good. RJ


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