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Top 10 Best Breastfeeding Gifts For a Nursing Mom

Updated on June 1, 2015
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Bebe Au Lait Cotton Nursing Cover - FloraBebe Au Lait Nursing Cover - Katori
Bebe Au Lait Cotton Nursing Cover - Flora
Bebe Au Lait Cotton Nursing Cover - Flora
Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover - Katori
Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover - Katori

The Absolute Best Breastfeeding Gift is Support

Nearly everyone agrees that one of the best ways to feed you new baby is breast milk. And one of the best things about nursing your baby is the surprising few physical things you need to do it right.

The very best gift you can ever gift a new breastfeeding mom is support. Support for the extraordinary thing she is doing for her baby, support when things get tough, listening to her feelings-whether it about her successes, her doubts, and fears or feeling overwhelmed. Being there when she might need some extra help keeping her household running smoothly and even maybe some babysitting or a couple or more of prepared meals, especially in the first weeks.

If the new mother has not yet found a local La Leche League group, then find out a group that is easily accessible. It should either near enough to pop in or have easy to reach by phone that she can take advantage of whenever she needs expert help.

If you can buy her a gift card for some well needed consultation time with a lactation consultant, it would be great. Just make sure to get a consultant that matches the mother for the best results.

I breast fed all my kids, and these were the absolute necessities. I was lucky to have both moral support and access to an incredible woman. My mentor was a close neighbor, who was older and a wise friend who I could talk to just about everything I ever needed to know about nursing as well as a lot more of being a mother.

Here are some extras that make the whole breastfeeding experience even better.

Nice Things to Get a Nursing Mom

These will make life so much easier for any actively breastfeeding mother

1. A Good Breastfeeding Book

That Answers Most Common and Maybe Some Not So Common Questions

Any nursing mother will need a good breastfeeding book. A book that not only covers the technical aspects of breastfeeding, but will also discuss how to manage different situations such as traveling, nursing in public (NIP), going back to work and more.

This idea goes with my primary premise that support and knowledge will make breastfeeding go so much more smoothly. A book can help a mother deal with both the more common and simple problems as well alert you to problems that may need immediate attention.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

One of the best go-to-books, it has been brought out and regularly updated by the La Leche League.

There are also some other good nursing books out there, but this is my favorite, and especially geared for the woman who has never nursed before.

2. A Comfortable Breastfeeding Pillow

That supports both mother and baby for a happy nursing experience

A good support pillow made to help the nursing pair (mom and baby) maintain a position that is comfortable for both of them. If a mother can maintain a position that is comfortable, then she will probably continue breastfeeding for longer than if the experience always leaves her feeling stressed out with an aceing back and sore nipples.

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I had one made by one of my friends that worked really well, but it was quite big and bulky. I think I would have preferred this one just for its size, and the reviews seem to be mostly positive.

Though this item cost less than $20, this multi-function nursing pillow, is comfortable for nursing as well as propping baby up securely.

3. A Good Nursing Bra

You will need more than a couple of these for both daytime and nighttime use.

The best nursing bras are comfortable to wear and easily accommodate variances in breast size, both during the day, from just having nursed your baby to when you are so full you think you will bust out. Also, as you breastfeed less an less, your breasts will shrink.

4. Relief for Sore Nipples

While sore nipples don't have to occur at all, most new mothers will experience them at some point, especially in the first few weeks.

In more mild cases, you can try using your breast milk to relive the pain. More common forms of relief are using lanolin cream or some other forms of relief.

These don't cost much and would make an excellent filler for a breastfeeding gift basket.

5. Comfy Nursing Sleepwear

When feeding during the night a mom will need comfortable pajamas or nightdress that allows a baby easy access to your breast for nighttime feeding.

A couple or more lovely sets will make any new mother feel attractive even as she still works on getting her pre-pregnancy shape back.

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6. A Sling Doubles Duty

Help you carry baby as well as nurse baby discreetly

Most slings are easy enough to adjust. They conform to both your body and babiy's body. It allows you to set it up in a position that enables a mother to nurse her baby discreetly.

Most will have an instructional manual that shows you a variety of ways you can adapt the sling. Usually at least one configuration is for nursing, it might take a bit of practice at the beginning, but once mastered it will become second nature.

This one of the best-rated slings both for carrying and nursing a baby.

A good buy as a gift for any mom.

Breast Milk Even When Mom is Away

Some moms will need the following if they are not always able to be with their baby, and want baby fed only with mom's breast milk even when mom is not around

7. A Good Qulaity Breast Pump

Whether you opt for a manual or an electric breast pump, you should only get a good quality breast pump. A breast pump is one item that it just does not pay to skimp on.

A manual pump is cheaper, and if you need to be careful of what you can spend, then opt for a manual pump. Once you learn to work it well, a manual pump will pump almost as quickly as an electrical pump with the added advantage of not needing an electrical outlet nearby to pump out breast milk.

Other Breast Pump Accessories

To store milk and help pump easier

8. Breast milk storage bags

Once you have the milk pumped you will need to have a convenient way to store your breast milk in the fridge or freezer or to carry along with you or drop at your baby's minder.

These are great for storage - the double zip makes it secure, preventing any spills. Sturdy bags, won't burst open.

9. Breast Pumping Bra

Doing double duty - Makes pumping so much easier

A pumping bra is great if you need to pump milk regularly. Usually, they are easy to adjust and use. Once you have it adjusted it to a comfortable fit, you can then take it on and off with the zipper.

It makes pumping much more comfortable and hands-free, I found I could continue using a computer or reading while pumping.

10. A Good Diaper Bag

When you have to take the baby out, you will probably need a diaper bag to put all of yours and your baby's things. Here are some great resources for comfortable, modern diaper bags that are currently available.

What do you Think of this List of Breastfeeding Gifts?

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    • thetravelgal profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Glad to be of help, hope you find some things your friends will like.

    • glassvisage profile image


      4 years ago from Northern California

      Wow... There is so much more to breastfeeding than I thought. These are great tips for me as my friends are having babies and I have no idea what any of this entails, so this is a great starting point and awesome ideas :) Thank you!


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