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The Best Gifts for Grandmothers

Updated on November 26, 2017
Craan profile image

As a kids' author of a lovely girl who has given her two darling grandchildren, she learned neat life lessons she desires to share with you!

Grandmothers are a jewel and they love to spend heaps of quality time with their grandchildren. Their grandchildren and children are forever on their mind even when they live in faraway places.

Grandmothers perhaps will feel lonely if their children don't call or visit often with their grandchildren. It's best to include grandmothers in their grandchildren's lives and allow them to babysit to build loving ties.

Grandmothers are the best babysitters and for sure they will give their grandchildren as much love and attention as the children’s parents. They possess a wisdom that is beyond understanding.

Give Your Grandmother the Absolute Best Gift

At times Grandmothers will tell their daughters what they need or desire. However, most times they'll be complacent and not say anything. Children and grandchildren are left at odds wondering what to give their grandmother for the holidays or for a birthday or anniversary.

Since I am a proud grandmother of two little girls I can tell you what I would desire as a gift. The thoughts in this hub are based on my personal experience and what I have observed from my mother and grandmother while growing up. I hope some of these gift ideas appeal to you and help you in your quest to please your grandmother with the absolute optimal gift.

A Handmade Scarf and Gloves with Matching Hat Is Grand.

I believe most grandmothers would not be overly fond of receiving a pair of shoes since footwear is hard to come by. Shoes must be tried on before being bought and they should be comfortable and not conspicuous with spiked heels.

Grandmothers would rather shoe shop themselves on a quiet sunny day at a typical mall when their grandchildren are in school. You could take some time off and help your mother search for kitten heels or flats.

If the weather is getting frosty, then an attractive scarf with gloves and a matching hat would be terrific. If you can crochet or knit a set, this is even superior! Grandmothers go bonkers over handmade stuff. It makes them feel special and appreciated. If that is not practical, then buy the best homemade gifts from someone you trust.

I Love My Grandma!
I Love My Grandma! | Source

Thought Must Go Into Every Great Gift for Grandma

Making grandma feel like a special person is the name of the game when gift shopping for her. Thought and tact must go into choosing every fabulous gift!

If your grandmother is not into wearing jewelry, then an expensive piece of gold or silver would not do and neither would a timeless watch or a diamond necklace. Most grandmothers have passed the point of needing new jewelry since they most likely own all the jewels they'll ever desire. They probably have hopes of passing on their antique gems to their children and grandchildren when they die.

Children and grandchildren are the heart of  their grandmothers.
Children and grandchildren are the heart of their grandmothers. | Source

Painting a Picture for Your Grandmother Is Huge

Thoughtful gifts go hand in hand with pleasing grandma! If you can paint a picture of flowers, people, landscapes or treasures, then this will be greatly valued. Grandma would proudly hang your painting in her chamber, kitchen or living room. When guests arrive she will be showing off your prized artwork to her acquaintances and neighbors.

Grandmas love second-hand stuff, it adds value to their collections. The Goodwill department stores carry a plethora of interesting items at a reasonable price. Most of their merchandise is authentic and original. You'll never find the same thing twice, especially pieces of art and bric-a-brac.

A handmade holiday wreath is a great gift idea for grandma.
A handmade holiday wreath is a great gift idea for grandma. | Source

Grandma Would Love a Poem or Story You Write Just for Her

Family portraits are another splendid gift idea for grandma! Pictures of their grandchildren's first day of school are grand and so are pictures of the entire family. They can display them on their mantels over a fireplace for instance.

Grandma will totally appreciate a lovely poem or short story you compose. You can create a picture book at Walgreens or CVS made of plastic, leather or encase it in an electronic sleeve. You don't need to spend a fortune to please Grandma since she'll most like appreciate all the little things you are capable of doing for her.

Preserving your child's first day of school is a priceless gift for grandma, framed and in a decorative box as a splendid surprise.
Preserving your child's first day of school is a priceless gift for grandma, framed and in a decorative box as a splendid surprise. | Source

Grandmas in Particular Love Table Runners

Thoughtful gifts such as a table runner would be a particular gift for a grandmother and so would a vase or a piece of sculpture. She'll proudly place her valued objects on her tables and fresh cut flowers in a lovely decorative vase. A special art piece would also be greatly prized.

Cook a Meal for Grandma and Keep Your Promises to Her

If you love to cook, then a homemade pie, dessert or three-course dinner served along on a charger or in bed is another sparkling gift idea for grandma. Your grandmother perhaps could be tired of cooking and a special meal you whip yourself will immensely please. You can also take her to a restaurant with her grandchildren. Remember to say a word of thanks before eating and everyone will feel at ease in each other’s companionship.

There is truly not a need to spend heaps of doe in trying to please your grandmother. They usually have everything they will ever want anyway. The general health of the family and their grandchildren excelling in school is more important to grandmothers. And lastly, they hope their grandchildren will happily marry. Surely they'll love to have more little babies to love making them great-grandmothers. What is a better gift? No one can top this for sure!

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Gift Ideas for Your Grandmother

Remember to Call and Visit Your Grandmother Often

Grannies love to receive gifts from their children. The ones you craft are exceptional.
Grannies love to receive gifts from their children. The ones you craft are exceptional. | Source

© 2014 Sheila Craan


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  • profile image


    4 years ago

    Thanks, now I know what to get my grandmother.

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    4 years ago from Olympia, WA

    I will pass this along to a couple grandchildren I know. Hopefully they will take the hint. :)

  • Craan profile imageAUTHOR

    Sheila Craan 

    4 years ago from Florida

    Thank you, M Abdullah! I believe the place of a grandmother is in the home with her children, where she can be adequately cared for. The love she bestows is invaluable and priceless!

  • m abdullah javed profile image

    muhammad abdullah javed 

    4 years ago

    So true...grandmothers are jewel. You have rightly mentioned important aspects regarding grandmothers from the importance of their very existence to gift and shelter...thanks for the share.

    We do believe that the shadow of grandparents is a mercy. This not only light ups our homes but also enlighten our children with education and morals. The shaping of children's mind and future depends a lot on the admonitions of these elders. But sadly old age homes are now being replaced to provide an artificial shelter for the aged persons who, at this stage, prefers love and care more than anything else. Hope your write will enlighten the noble souls. Voted up.

  • Craan profile imageAUTHOR

    Sheila Craan 

    4 years ago from Florida

    Thank you, Maria! My grandmother passed away at 95 years old in my arms. She was my love! I would simply keep her company and bring her her favorite strawberry shake from McDonalds from time to time. She too appreciated the little things with Capodimonte porcelain flowers from Italy.

  • Maria Antonia profile image

    Antoinette Lee Toscano 

    4 years ago from Raleigh, NC

    Really great suggestions and commentary. I agree that precious memories, your time, and personal utilitarian gifts are what bring smiles to grandma's face. Meeting my grandma at the airport with a bouquet of flowers made her feel "so loved" she said. She always did appreciate the little things.


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