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The Best Place To Take Kids Fishing- Troutmere Farm, California (La Honda)

Updated on September 11, 2012
The best part is watching your children catch their first fish.
The best part is watching your children catch their first fish.

A Guaranteed Catch

The most frustrating part of fishing with children is the long wait. Sometimes you can sit for hours and never get one bite. For young children, especially if it is their first time fishing, it is hard to appreciate the simple beauty of fishing. Instead, children hold their fishing rods tightly, expecting a fish to bite at any minute. A short wait can turn into a long wait and then it can turn into something entirely different. For those of you who live in California, or might be planning to visit, check out the greatest undiscovered place to take your kids fishing,Troutmere Farm. Troutmere is located in beautiful La Honda right off of HWY 92 in Half Moon Bay. The drive is absolutely breathtaking and you can enjoy the ride knowing your child is pretty much guaranteed a catch. In my experience, and my family has visited two times, my daughter caught her first fish in less than 5 minutes.Talk about immediate gratification.

Get your cameras ready! The fish tend to bite in the first 5 minutes.
Get your cameras ready! The fish tend to bite in the first 5 minutes.

Troutmere Farm

Troutmere Farm supplies the fishing rod, a bamboo pole, and the bait. You can also bring your own rod if you like. Parking is $5 per vehicle, so if you're planning on going in a large group, consider carpooling to minimize the parking fee. There are picnic benches you can rent for the day, I believe the fee is $25, and this includes a barbecue. The bathrooms are clean and fully stocked with all the necessities. There are chickens on the property as well, offering your children another fun attraction. The staff at Troutmere are incredibly friendly and helpful. They truly want your experience to be positive. If a child is having difficulty hooking the bait or finding a good spot, the staff will step in and lend a hand.

"Look, I got one. I got one!"
"Look, I got one. I got one!"

Child Friendly

This place is perfect for kids. The fishing pond is about the size of a pool which makes it easier to watch your kids. There is a no running policy and everyone seems to respect this important rule. There are chairs set up around the pond and a water faucet for rinsing off your hands. The beautiful trees on the property offer tons of shade, protecting children from the hot sun, but on cool days you may want to bring a light jacket.

Trust me, you want to have your cameras ready. The fish are hungry and will bite quickly. The entire moment goes by in a flash and you will want to preserve the special moment. Get your buckets ready before casting your line because you'll need something to store the fish in. Buckets are supplied near the poles and you use the pond water to fill up the buckets. Your child will be fascinated during the entire process, but you may want to prepare your child if you think he/she will be sensitive about seeing a fish floundering during the catch.

My daughter's first catch. What a great experience for the entire family!
My daughter's first catch. What a great experience for the entire family!

Helpful Tips

  1. Once you catch a fish you are not allowed to throw it back, no matter what the size.
  2. Fish are priced by size. Average price is about $6 per fish.
  3. Best time to visit is May thru June when they supply the pond weekly. Do not visit during the late summer, Aug. thru Sep., when the fish do not bite because the supply is low.
  4. To prolong the experience, and minimize the cost, you may want to fish with no bait. Be aware, the fish still bite with no bait!
  5. Be prepared to spend money in a short amount of time.
  6. Troutmere Farm only accepts cash or checks.
  7. They gut your fish for $.50 per fish. Prepare your child for this experience before they watch.
  8. Don' forget to bring a jacket. This area can get cool, even during the summer.

Troutmere Farm
6861 La Honda Rd
La Honda, California 94020
(650) 747-0133

Open: Saturday & Sunday 10 am- 5 pm

5 stars for Troutmere Farm


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    • TeachableMoments profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from California

      Thumbi7, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, it really is a great place for kids. We are so lucky to live fairly close. Have a great day!

    • thumbi7 profile image

      JR Krishna 

      6 years ago from India

      Beautiful photographs!!!

      Sounds like an interesting place. Children who live nearby are lucky!!!

    • TeachableMoments profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from California

      Ann, thank you for stopping by, writing a comment and voting up. Troutmere Farm is the best place to go fishing with kids. I wish my parents had found a place like this when I was growing up. I still remember sitting for two hours, in the freezing cold, with not one single bite. ..and I was only 9. That was not fun. =)

    • Ann1Az2 profile image


      6 years ago from Orange, Texas

      Sounds like a great place for kids. I know kids can be a challenge to take fishing. The pole isn't in the water 2 minutes, and they're reeling it in, then throwing it back out.

      Voted up.


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