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The Best Reusable Nappies - Baba & Boo

Updated on January 17, 2012

As a busy mum, I was looking for a reusable nappy that did four things:

1. was reliable (i.e. didn't leak)

2. was beautiful to look at on my baby

3. was environmentally friendly

4. was easy to clean and dry

Baba & Boo has made the grade and gone beyond. The nappies come in beautiful colours and designs - as well as ordinary cloth, they also come in fur fabric, which is great to feel and look at and snug in the cold winter months. They come in a range of colours and wash quickly and easily. We wash every 2-3 days and use a soak and extra rinse and they come out as-good-as-new. The outer part is dry as it comes out of the machine and the innner bits dry within an hour or so. Almost all of the time the nappies come out as white and clean as when I first got them, but on the odd (and in months this has happened three times) occasion that there is a stain, hanging them out in the sunshine seems to sort this out...amazing!

The company was started and still run by a mum who wanted a brilliant product for her baby. I love that I am supporting another mum by buying her products and have nothing but praise for the efficient and professional serivce and communication that I have had with her company.

I find it best to use them with a biodegradable liner as this easily takes care of the solids and can be dropped in the toilet. They have lots of other products for babies and toddlers that are all of high quality and are so tempting you need to be restrained when ordering! But keep looking as they also have great sales.

I couldn't believe how easy they were to use and how lovely on the bottom! I cannot recommend them enough - they are so good you want to leave them out on show!



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