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The Best Things about Having a Large Family Part 2 of 2

Updated on March 11, 2013
A family is the begining of a lot of things for our life, but they are not the only thing in our life.
A family is the begining of a lot of things for our life, but they are not the only thing in our life. | Source

Large families have so many more benefits than smaller ones.

How do large ones benefit us?

There are so many valuable lessons for our life, our values, our morals and thousands of other great things which come from being a part of a large loving family. It is simply impossible to list them all here. However, I certainly will try and share a few.

1) patience

Patience is indeed a virtue and certainly learned when you are sharing so much with so many people you love. Whether you are sharing a bicycle or a bathroom, you will learn patience when you are not first in every set of circumstances

Along with patience also will come sharing, empathy and other values when you are not the first and only child who needs the attention of your parents

2) stand on your own two feet

Having to do some things for yourself is a good thing. This is of course reasonable when you are of an age to accomplish them. Simply because your parents can do them for you does not mean they should. There are plenty of things kids can and should do themselves which a lot of them simply do not.

Learning to rely on yourself for lots of things while growing up teaches you how capable and able you are as a person. There are times when you will push a limit and achieve a goal simply because you tried instead of someone else stepping in to do it for you when you come from a larger household.

The opposite is also true. Having a lot of support around you gives you the confidence to stand on your own two feet. A large cheering section is terrific to hear when you need it most.

3) take nothing for granted

Child who is given something for nothing is typically only seen with single or one child households. Multiple children in a household will generally have gifts and rewards valued more because they are not handed over lightly. They are able to see the sacrifice made in order for their wants versus their needs. Having a college fund waiting for you regardless of your grades or a car simply because you hate public transportation is not always a good thing.

Working hard to get a scholarship for higher education will make you understand the big picture of what it takes to earn a college education and the ratio of students with good grades from big families versus those from smaller ones would be an interesting statistic to see. How many scholarship students graduate versus non-scholarship students flunking out?

4) appreciation

Not having everything handed to you whenever you want it teaches appreciation. Understanding the appreciation of taking care of clothes, toys and other possessions because they cannot be easily replaced when mom and dad have to buy so many is also a something with value.

Appreciating the hard work it takes to raise a large family well with love and respect is something you will take with you to your adult life when starting one of your own. Additionally, when you understand that you will not receive five coats for the winter because one is sufficient will teach you to appreciate it and take good care of it.

5) responsibility

The only time older children are raising younger children is when you do not have a parent to raise any of the children. Being asked to help out with the housework, chores or even babysitting from time to time will teach you responsibility. This is a virtue taught and learned in early life which will reward you in later life. whether you find responsibility later on through your employment, school work or other walks in life it is a good thing to have and possess and seen much more with kids from larger households.

6) positive adult economics

Larger families do not necessarily produce poorer adults. In fact, my mother comes from a larger family and of the ten girls there are success stories all around. There is one attorney, one nurse, one pharmacist, two school teachers, one college professor, a real estate broker and three stay at home mothers. Two of the three stay at home moms have earned at least their associates degree in college. I would call this a story of success and not a downfall to economic woes.

My grandmother has several brothers and sisters who also chose to raise more children than the average and I would also guess your classification of their accomplishments would be the exception rather than the norm? I would not boast all of the offspring happens to be glowing achievements, but for the most part there are fewer liars, cheats, thieves and living off of the charity of others than their counterparts with fewer siblings.

Your childhood economics does not always necessarily define your adult economics. There are only children living on food stamps as adults.

7) valuable interaction with your children

This is certainly untrue. Having nannies and au pairs raising your child doesn’t mean you spend meaningful time with your children. In fact, recent studies of many parents who know they have limited time with their children have more “quality “time with them because of that fact.

Parents who understand they work long and difficult hours will take the free time they have to make it a point of spending quality time with their children. Even if this means getting three or four hours of sleep each night for years to come-they still do it. They know the importance of raising one child or nine children. Any good parent does.

8) a personal connection with so many people

Being a part of a larger group of people you are related to gives you a feeling of being special. Although these people share a similar genetic code with you they also share something else more valuable. They share an enormous amount of life experiences. These include laughter, love, happiness, sadness and other emotions which join you like no other people on this earth. For whatever reason these people where there when many important moments of your life happened. If you were as blessed as I was they were a blessing and not a burden.

In conclusion

Coming from a larger family does not guarantee you are set up to fail. It does not guarantee a bully or someone who is never going to be the next president of the United States. There are senators, doctors and captains of enterprise which grew up in a house full of children.

Being part of a larger group of great people who love you, support you and make you feel good about being who you are is never a bad thing.

How big is your family?

How many children are in your family?

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