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The Blessings of Being a Grandparent

Updated on June 8, 2012

Grandma With Girls

Grandmas are perfect in their grandchildren's eyes
Grandmas are perfect in their grandchildren's eyes

It's Grand Being a Grandparent

Being a grandparent is just exactly like being a parent. It's also the exact opposite of being a parent. In short, being a grandparent means you enjoy the best of parenting without all of the stress that can accompany parenting.

As a parent, especially as a first-time parent, you stress about every little thing: whether your baby naps long enough, whether your baby naps too long, if she's crying too much, if she's not crying enough, you get the idea.

As a grandparent, you're more sure of yourself and more relaxed and I think that the babies can tell the difference. You also know the reality of the baby years. They come and go in the blink of an eye. Most parents don't really understand that completely.

As a grandparent, you know that if walking with the baby doesn't stop the crying, you can try rocking, swaddling, or one of your many other parenting tricks. Like riding a bike, it all comes back to you like it was yesterday. Grandparents also have the advantage of caring for their grandchildren with a full night's sleep, unlike many parents.

Grandparents are more likely to carve out a block of time with no other commitments when grandchildren visit. Parents generally can't do this as easily. As a grandparent, you're on the second half of your life which means that you're returning to childhood in a way. You don't watch the clock as much, take joy in simple pleasures, and laugh more readily. Life isn't as serious when you're a grandparent.

You know that the grandchildren are only going to be with you for a limited amount of time and most grandparents take advantage of the time. Cleaning the house and folding the laundry will wait until another time. You can give the grandkids a treat before dinner, if it's okay with their parents. If bedtime comes and goes and your grandkids are still awake, it's not a big deal.

Kids expect their parents to do things for them but anything a grandparent does for a grandchild is exciting. "She's here, she's here!" is a shout you will hear when you appear at the door of your grandchildren's house. There's nothing sweeter than being met at the door by grandchildren with huge grins on their faces who hug and kiss you like it's been a million years since you were together.

One unexpected blessing of being a grandparent is that your adult child sees you in a new light. No longer are you the disciplinarian and the rule maker but instead you're the experienced pro who knows a lot and has done this before.

The best blessing of all when you're a grandparent is the feeling of little arms wrapped around your neck and words whispered in your ear, "Grandma, you're the best ever." Being a parent is wonderful but it's grand being a grandparent.


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