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The Brady Bunch : Common Sense & Nostalgia Combined

Updated on February 1, 2015

Classic Television

They Way They Became The Brady Bunch

We've been watching the Brady Bunch in our house lately with my 10 year old and it's a big hit. As I sit and watch the shows with her, I still like it too.

The Brady Bunch originally aired from 1969 to 1974. There were 5 seasons and the number of episodes ranging from 22 to 25 per season.

It was created by Sherwood Schwartz and starred 9 main cast members.

The story plot is about the merging of these 2 families and evolves as the 2 families become one.

The subjects of the story lines are simple life problems. Relationships with friends and family, and the communication that is needed to make it through life on a daily basis. The language is simple. It makes it very easy to understand.

It's interesting to watch and listen to the types of issues that get dealt with. I love the fact that nothing goes unresolved. That makes it a learning tool.

The challenges kids and parents face are basically still the same today.
Today maybe there maybe a few more issues and more problems, but the basic consequences are the same, and the learning opportunities are still there.

Brady Bunch Pilot Episode

Life in a Family

Not too simple for today's youth, the show has engaged my 10 yr old child. One of the points of interest for her is that she is an only child, so it gives her a peek at life with siblings.

It has definitely helped her curiosity about having brothers and sisters. It is something she has always wondered about.

Since the age group of the children is spread out, it has helped with understanding pecking order according to age, as well as the life experiences that come with the process of growing up.

The scene sets are simple and not full of distractions, it makes the show easier to watch. The show has lots of fun with crazy antics and with regular, household and life props, (ie in season 4 Bobby tried to watch his clothes himself and flood the laundry room with suds: it's hilarious - yet so simple!).

They don't need the complicated toys. The scripts are easy to watch and well written - even if it is corny. That's just a sign of the times.

Brady Bunch

It's the Story ...

The stories all revolve around the family, living life with integrity, honesty and learning from mistakes that happen. It's done with a sense of humor.

Mom and dad Brady are always laughing, so it helps to see that resolutions to problems don't have to come with anger, but they do have to happen.

The messaging is clear, treat one and other the way you want to be treated, and the show always explains why.

It discusses consequences for actions and encourages thinking from the perspective of the person who has been wronged. It's a good old fashion television series that impacted a whole generation with some good morals.

Worth watching, it's a good family show.


I don't believe the messaging in current television programming is the same anymore.

It's more about how to deal with divorced parents. Plots are about getting ahead, being a part of the "in" crowd. The focus has shifted to getting all the "cool stuff" you can and making money.

A show like the Brady Bunch is a reminder to take the opportunities that life throws at us in the form of our mistakes, and discuss them.
We need to face and resolve things in life that don't make us proud, correct them and move on, respectfully.

The Brady Bunch taught us how to do that. Not many do any more.

© 2012 eye say

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    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      @Deborah we just had another friend of my girl's visiting who says she's watched almost the whole series and loves it too, and I thought we were the only ones watching it!

      One of the differences in today's shows verses past shows: dialogue from the past were things that we'd actually say to each other and it was acceptable ...

      ... in today's shows the dialogue is based on things that you, the audience, wouldn't actually say, but would maybe be thinking and wanting to say... they are pushing the line of acceptable conversation; their conversations on TV are filled with sarcasm, innuenndo and unkindness too much of the time. I spend much of my time during "new" kids shows pointing out to my child how inappropriate or hurtful it would be to actually talk to other people the way the do in those shows.

      I don't have to have those same conversations with old TV programs ...

      I just came to that realization last night during a popular Hollywood kids show "Drake and Josh". The way they talk to each other and the content is often way too inappropriate for its targeted audiences; preteens.

      I wish today's youth series writers would take a step back and rethink the messaging they are sending out to our kids.

    • DeborahNeyens profile image

      Deborah Neyens 6 years ago from Iowa

      I loved this show as a kid. I'm glad to hear children are still enjoying it today.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      Alecia; I think the show was cutting edge for the times so the blended family was very new and I have to agree, watching it now demonstrates how similar the problems are today...

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 6 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      I always thought that the Brady Bunch was required viewing for younger kids. I watched the reruns growing up and while my story was far different than theirs, the problems and issues were the same.

      Another thing I find interesting is that as much as people say the issues were different, they were similar. The Bradys were a blended family but that never was an issue beyond the first season or so. I think the show could have been better in describing what happened to the girls' dad or the boys' mom but for the times I understood why they avoided it.

      This was a very interesting hub and I enjoyed reading it.


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