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The Cord

Updated on December 17, 2010

The Cord

Zi’gini’ce stood over Ben’s prostrate body holding a sharp wooden spear.  He pierced Ben through the back of the head until the spear emerged from his mouth, perforating his tongue.  “You have crossed the bridge to the Underworld,” his ancestor said.  “You now have a new opening from which to speak the truth.”  He then pierced his head with a second spear sideways from ear to ear.  “From this new opening you shall hear the truth.”  Ben sat up and stared blankly into his great great grandfather’s face.  “I feel no pain,” he said grasping a spear.

Zi’gini’ce handed him a small purple stone. “This is the first article of medicine you must carry in your medicine pouch,” he instructed. “It will remind you of your quest to know and speak the truth.”  Zi’gini’ce pulled the spears from Bens head and told him his true name. “When in the company of your ancestors they will call you Quatuwu which means, “He who feels.”  Use this sacred name when you are called upon to heal.

Ben stood up and placed his fingers in the fresh holes in his skull.  He felt no blood. “Where am I to go from here?” he asked.  “There are tortures ahead,” he said sternly.  “You must face them.  Walk until you reach that barren tree far upon that cliff,” Zigini’ce said pointing to a western precipice far in the distance.  “It is there you will meet the Great She Bear.”

Ben turned toward the west as a mighty wind rustled the vegetation of this strange place.  A cloud burst suddenly and a torrent of hail beat him furiously.  He searched wildly for cover. He ran toward the cliff through the timeless maze accessible to any force.  Exposed to the elements, deprived of food and sleep he ran.  His ego was collapsing and he sought a transpersonal reward.  The Great She Bear would dismember him further and his Otter Mother would make him whole.

He reached the precipice and climbed apprehensively toward the great tree.  He stood facing west as he had been told.  In the distance he could see the golden glow of the city of souls.  The great black she bear lumbered proudly through the waving grasses.  She lifted her nose in the air and walked directly to the stately oak tree.  “I am here to clean your bones,” she said, walking closer to sniff his flesh.  “You are very brave not crying out,” she said as she opened her jaws wide to rip a large piece of flesh from his side.  She chewed and swallowed his meat greedily then stood to tear a huge piece from his breast.  Ben began to sing a medicine song as she ate.  The great bear gnawed at him ritually, tearing him to pieces with her teeth, cleansing and purifying.  Ben sang loudly.  He had created this self-borne suffering to stimulate true tolerance and understanding.  He now entered the paralogical world of the transpersonal to be stripped of social and mental habits that had inhibited his spiritual growth.  He would be patient and endure the cleansing.

Clip from THE CORD - Self Published 1996 She Bear Publishing

Bibliography available upon request

Video Clips produced by MEOW Productions - JoAnna Varney-Kondrat


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