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The Dark Places

Updated on August 16, 2016

Roy III & Donna Blizzard

The Dark Places

Roy Blizzard III © 2016

I’ve entered a world of darkness

Hidden away from view

I see others are there with me

All seeing but not being seen.

Into the shadowy world I come

To escape that which I can not face

So I exist alone in a crowd of sorrow

Not being seen but seeing.

All who love me miss me

But what can I do to escape

For if they really knew me

They could never really love me.

So my life it goes on alone

Day after day, night after night

Seeking a love I’ll never find

From such a one as I.

I heard a man speak of love

In a way I couldn’t describe

Given in such a way

A man was forced to die.

For love of me

Whom he did know

And he sought out

In a world of hidden darkness.

Once I knew him

The sun shone around me

And my fear it left me

To travel back into the darkness.

To live once more

Finding another soul

In that hidden world

Of the sorrowful, despair of man.


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