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The Darker Side of Parenting - turns out most kids and parents are not saints after all

Updated on June 14, 2011

Make sure the kids are really asleep before you start...

Only when you give me cookies...

Don't touch me!

Is parenting all its cracked up to be?

Perception and reality are two very different animals. The young girls fantasy wedding, complete with Prince Charming and the beautiful castle in the clouds is a far cry from the reality of your relatives feuding over the buffet table or Uncle Clyde going on a bender and launching into a 20 drunken toast at the reception.

Parenting is no different. While the glossy magazines and movies like to paint this incredible never ending spiritual version of parenting the reality is closer to sleepless nights, bruised shins and barf encrusted blouses.

Certainly parenting is one of the most rewarding things any adult and experience but let's be real here folks, for all the rewards come a lot of hard work and hair pulling. Its nice to see some books on the market that actually expose parenting with all of the ups and downs and are not afraid to show you the warts. These books are written by true parents not single twenty somethings with an assignment to write an encouraging parenting article for Parenting Magazine.

Do you find yourself tuning into episodes of "Supernanny" just to see families in a worst state of chaos then your own? Do you get a since of smug satisfaction at the supermarket when its not your brood making all the racket this time? On a business trip to you shoot the mother with the crying baby on the plane the evil eye and a disgruntled frown?

You might just be in the need of a little bit of parenting humor found in these books. Non-parents will never understand the inside jokes but those in the parenting club are bound together by these secret shared experiences.

These books make great gifts for parenting newbies but be sure you are giving them from one parent to another. A gift of this kind from a single person is a major social error. From one parent to another its a sign of "hey, I've been there, we've all been there. you are not alone", from a single person its more like "I'd hate to be in your shoes, you must be crazy".

Parents need a little dark humor now and again

Go the F**k to Sleep
Go the F**k to Sleep

Kids running naked in the halls, asking for the fifth stuffed animal - you're exhausted why won't they just go to sleep?



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