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The Essential Babysitter Instruction And Emergency Contact List

Updated on May 7, 2013
The Essential Babysitter Instruction And Emergency Contact List
The Essential Babysitter Instruction And Emergency Contact List

The Essential Instruction List For A Babysitter

Your life does not stop when you have children. Although the earlier years are taken up with your time as a devoted parent, there will inevitably come a time when you need to go out for a birthday, a function or a work event and you need to leave your children with a babysitter.

Whether that person is their grandparent, a neighbor or a professional sitter from an agency, knowing that you can provide them with a list of instructions and more importantly a list of emergency contacts will help to make your time away from the house that little bit less of a concern.

Below is a list of some of the most essential rules and aspects to consider.

Rules for Children

Food and Drink – What food and drinks are they allowed to consume and when it the cut off time, particularly if they are heading to bed. Important also to note any foods they are not permitted to eat and allergies they may have.

Activities – Are they allowed to play with iPads and game consoles? Can television be watched and under what conditions. Also worth making a note of their favorite shows and what time and channels they are on.

Additional Activities - What other activities can they do, or may like to partake in such as reading stories, or playing with tea party sets or dress ups.

Discipline - Provide rules for any discipline that you authorize to be undertaken such as time out in a particular area of the room or on a chair.

Rules for Babysitter

Set out any rules you may have including offering access to the refrigerator for food and drinks, use of the television after the children are in bed and any use of the telephone.

Rules for house

Set out any house rules which must be adhered to such as no friends over, no using the telephone or computers after a certain time of the night and anything else that you would enforce if you were home.

Bedtime Routine

Time: What time is bedtime, and does it differ for each child.

Bathing: Do they have a bath or shower prior to bed and for how long.

Clothing: What do they wear to bed, including and diapers and use of toilet or potty

Drinks/Bottles: Do they require a particular drink to settle them at night, such as a warm glass of milk, or a bottle and if so provide instructions.

Sleep Aids: Do they need a particular toy, blanket or comforter to sleep with.

Routine: Mention their favorite books or stories to read prior to bed and outline the typical process and how long it may take for them to settle.


Set out the guidelines as to when you would want to be called. For example, if your child is unwell, has a temperature, is not settling after a particular period of time.

Your Return

Advise the Babysitter the time you will return and whether you require them to open the door for you or whether you will have your own set of keys.

Emergency Contacts

  • Your cell phone number
  • Name of the place where you are and its contact number
  • Neighbors contact numbers
  • Details of closest relatives and their landline and cell phone numbers
  • Local doctor phone number


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