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The Family That Does These Things Together Stays Together

Updated on October 31, 2019
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Margaret Minnicks has been writing for HubPages for a long time. She is an expert about a variety of subjects she writes about.


If families that pray together stay together, what other things can families do to stay together? There is a deeper meaning to each one of the sayings than just staying under the same roof.

There is a sense of bonding, connecting, supporting, loving, and enjoying things together as a unit. Doing things together is a demonstration of life as a family project.

Origin of the Phrase

Al Scalpone has been credited with being the author of the famous slogan. He was a young ad executive and copywriter who volunteered his services to Family Theater in 1947. Not only did he write "The Family That Prays Together Stays Together" for the radio program, but he also wrote "A World at Prayer is a World at Peace" for the radio series.

Both became the mottos for Father Patrick Peyton and his radio show that was focused on families. The Catholic priest helped popularize the statement about families praying together because it meant a lot to him. When he was a child growing up in Ireland, his mother would call him and his eight siblings to pray together. Peyton lived by that action for the rest of his life.

The Family That Prays Together

There are many things family can do together, However praying together tops the list because it is so powerful. Praying is a spiritual activity that goes beyond natural things that a family might do together. Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20). Jesus actually shows up and becomes part of the family that prays together.

Even though a family bonds over other activities, prayer is the number one thing that keeps them united.

The Family That Studies the Bible Together

The family that studies the Bible together grows spiritually. They might go to church together and hear the same sermon. If someone in the family has a question about something the pastor says, the entire family can search the scriptures and discuss the issue later when they get together at home.

In fact, whether there is a question or not, some families discuss the sermon anyway. That serves as a way for family members to articulate what they learned from the sermon. More than likely, everyone will share something different.

Some families do not rely only on Bible Study at church on Wednesday nights to grow spiritually. They make it a point to study the Bible together to learn more about God, Jesus, and all the things in the Bible.

Just as families that pray together stay together, so does the family that studies the Bible together.

Family playing together
Family playing together | Source

The Family That Plays Together

Families with healthy relationships know that it is important to pray and study the Bible together. They also know that they must balance their lives with other things. Therefore, they designate a time when members can engage in playing games together. They have a lot of fun when they challenge one another and compete to see who the winner will be.

Of course, they must choose a game that the young and old are comfortable playing. They let a different member of the family choose the game to be played each time. Other family members go along with the choice because they know they will eventually get their chance to choose the game or another fun activity for the family.

It is correct to say that the family that plays together stays together because of the fun, joy, and laughter they share.

The Family That Communicates

Communicating simply means talking and listening to one another. Talking alone does not result in communication, and neither does merely listening. Both talking and listening must co-exist for communication to take place.

There actually is no communication when school kids rush into the house and say, "Hi Mom" and rush upstairs to their room to play video games until dinner time. Then they go downstairs, get their food, and take it upstairs to eat alone without engaging with the rest of the family.

Family eating together
Family eating together | Source

The Family That Cooks and Eats Together

Most families miss a golden opportunity when they do not go grocery shopping together, cook together, and eat together. That is definitely a good way to bond when the entire family pitches in to help prepare a meal that all can enjoy.

It is rewarding when the family work around the counter doing their part. It is even more rewarding when they sit down to eat together. They compliment one another on the dish each of the family members made. Everyone is happy in the end knowing that they added something to the meal.

Other Things Families Can Do Together

Besides praying together, studying the Bible together, playing together, communicating and cooking together, there might be other things families can do together. In fact, there could be a long list of things families can do together.

No matter what the activity is, families will bond and connect with one another when they do things together.

Feel free to list below what your family does together.


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    • revmjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Minnicks 

      9 months ago from Richmond, VA

      Lou, thanks for reading and commenting on my article. You are right. The message needs to be taught to so many families.

      I believe if families would pray together, eat together and do some of the things I mentioned in the article, there would be less confusion in the home.

    • Lou Tenant profile image

      Lou Tenant 

      9 months ago from Somewhere in America

      Very true! This is a message that needs to be taught more in our society; the importance of the family unit is often neglected.

    • revmjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Minnicks 

      9 months ago from Richmond, VA

      Tim, thanks for reading and commenting on the things families can do together. I like the ideas of gardening and doing yard work together. Not only do families get their tasks completed, but they also bond as you stated.

    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      9 months ago from U.S.A.

      Hi, Margaret. Great article. Families that do yard work together stay tight. Planting a garden is a great bonding activity for parents and children. As they watch flowers or other plants grow, a great opportunity occurs to talk about life and how people change with the child eventually leaving home. My parents did that. We also shared in responsibilities for taking care of various pets. Along with studying the Bible, reading to one another is a great activity which encourages closeness. My wife and I are competent readers, but we grew up where the parents read aloud to us when we were small or even as adults when interesting subjects came up. Now, we may read to one another or may read the latest news flash or something to our children.


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