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The Fight Against Drugs

Updated on December 22, 2010

Help,Our Kids Are Drug Dealers


Drugs have been a major problem in the United States for a very long time but the fight against it seems at a loss. Maybe the reason that the fight against drugs is at a loss is because there are so many corrupt people in very high places. When I say corrupt, I mean Law enforcement, congress, teachers, doctors, lawyers, in any occupation you can name there are very corrupt individuals that you’d never suspect.

In many neighborhoods kids are seeing more and more that the route to making big money or gain popularity is in the selling of drugs. The kids are choosing the wrong route to get where they want to be in life. The big behind the scenes kingpin is making the money while these kids are trading in their life for change. The most these kids are making on the street in a week is barely just enough to buy an outfit and a pair of shoes but yet they do it, they stand out on the corners basically prostituting themselves for the major drug dealers who won’t be there for them when they get locked up in jail and definitely won’t put their lives on the line to save theirs.

The fight against drugs is ongoing in many neighborhoods in Chicago, but there are some neighborhoods full of people who have just given up. Many of the people who have given up on the fight against drugs are actually the ones who have turned to using drugs. Many of the people using the drugs these children are selling are their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers or other family members and friends who are too messed up to care at all about what they’re doing to themselves or the fact that their children are also their suppliers.

Do you want your kids to end up behind bars?
Do you want your kids to end up behind bars?

Do Your Part


It’s not easy growing up in the type of home where family does not feel like family or where the mother and father are both drug addicts with young children left to fend for themselves. While many children turn to the street there are those few who do focus on education as a means of getting out of their current situations. All educational programs used to keep kids off the street or better their home situations at least for a few hours a day are well worth the funding.

Drug rehab centers are also worthy of funding and donations no matter what the circumstances were that placed the people in the rehabilitation centers. My grandmother once told me when I was a child not to cast judgment on others so it’s something I try not to do on a daily basis. Many times I have been hesitant to give money to people on the street for fear they’d use it to purchase drugs, but those same people I have taken inside a restaurant and bought a meal or purchased clothing for.  There are people who worry as to what their money would go towards but that shouldn’t stop you from giving if you’re in a position to be able to help others.

In joining the fight against drugs by donating to educational programs or drug rehabilitation centers you’re doing your part to make someone’s life better. If you don’t do your part to help out, should you really expect someone else to? What if it was your family in crisis? What if your children were in need of guidance that they weren’t getting from home? There have been too many educational program cuts and drug rehabilitation center closings due to lack of funding, lets help these people get their lives in order and make a difference in the world, lets at least give it a try.


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