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The First Steps We Take

Updated on September 24, 2015


Beginning is the only way to get going on anything in life. You really have to begin. Even though the first steps you took in life when you were a child are long forgotten, they were significant. So too are the first steps any person takes to achieve anything in the world. Know what it is you want to have and go after it. Action is absolutely necessary. Many of us have had limited success (some call it failure). We have tried at something and not had it work out the way we wanted. I believe that beginning is the critical first step to achievement. Motion is life. It gains momentum and builds confidence. We get to experience more of what we really want. So we have to begin in order to be on the journey to more.

Falling Down

The most valuable feedback you can get is from falling down. Very rarely is that a desired outcome. When it happens, though, it gives us pause and a brief moment to reflect. “That’s not what I wanted!” Get back up. Try again. Winston Churchill said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Really think about that! What happens to your enthusiasm when you fall down? I know that for me, it can take the wind out of my sails for a time. So take a moment, learn a lesson and get back up and keep going. As long as you learned something from the experience, you have not lost out! Reviewing the feedback we get from falling down is what makes it worthwhile. We had learn and remember, make adjustments to our approach and go at it again.

First Steps As Father

Other first steps you and I took were our first steps as a father. The moment you welcomed your son or daughter into the world was a milestone. On that day you took first steps as another person’s dad. That is a really big deal. What it means is you have some one else that is counting on you for love and support. You have another person who will turn to you for help. Take a deep breath and think about that. Let your breath out slowly. Consider what you are doing today to make yourself a better person. What are you doing to make your life and better life? What are you doing to make your future the future you dream of having?

Keep On

After you have begun taking steps, don’t ever stop! Falling may happen, but get back up and keep going. Don’t let discouragement keep you down. In fact, be intentional about seeking encouragement for yourself. Surround yourself with encouraging friends. Find a mentor. Get involved in a physical activity. Listen to your favorite song or sing or go for a walk. Get in touch with a good friend you haven’t talked to in a while. The faith and confidence you have in yourself is your greatest asset. Love yourself and thoughtfully provide all the self-care you need. Balance and perseverance in your life goals and endeavors will bring you better results the more you try. Don't be persuaded to give up, instead keep on.

Grow On

The role that fathers play in care-giving is serious. A "gamechanger" As Gary Barker calls it. The tremendous positive impact that fathers have on children is undeniable. We all have fathers. As a father, remembering that your life matters and so does the life of your child or children gives life a deeper meaning. What you do is important and what you can do to pave the way to a better tomorrow is up to you to water and grow and tend. Commit to lifelong learning and self-improvement. Be in the moment and experience it fully in every moment. Take care to express feelings and ask about feelings. How you feel matters a great deal to your child and how they feel matters a great deal to you. This beginning does not represent how life will remain. Growth and development of mind and body will lead to new challenges, as well as new achievements. For the dad that is reading this, be encouraged that you are enough and you will continue to become more!


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