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The Girl With No Family

Updated on November 10, 2015

A Little Girl

There was this young girl you see, her parents had died when just a young child was she. She could only faintly remember memories of their faces, and the times the family had gone together as a family to special places. Her heart was big and all she longed for was a forever home again not just these temporary homes were people chose to take care of her, even though she greatly appreciated everything every kind person did for her it was just like a blur. She dreamed of this special couple who saw her and wanted to claim her as their own, for to her nothing was better than a solid good family home! Nobody really understood the sad feeling in her heart, for to really belong in someones life she wanted to be a part! In her dreams she would dream of her mother and father and remember when she was that one special child that her parents thought was irreplaceable for none other was born to them, and to them she was that one good special gem! All this little girl wanted was to belong, and she always hoped and dreamed that it would happen before long! She always had a smile, but the things that weighed on her heart were not a small pile! Small she was yet so much had happened since she was born, and apart the small things that she had back then from her had been torn! Simple things like being in a home of your parents till you are old enough to move out, some lucky children could only think about! Days went by and turned into years, and she kept dreaming about that special day when she would be adopted in a forever home despite her fears. She tried to be strong, for it was not her fault about the things that had gone wrong. People seemed to come and go, in her life and it sometimes brought her low. But keep hoping was all she did and could do, and for now she was just be happy that to put on she did have a shoe! One day when she was feeling really low, a couple came in looking to adopt a child and in front of them she did bow. That day her dreams and prayers were answered for her they did choose, and this girl felt her heart would burst with happiness and them in her life she knew she would never again have to lose!! What a small but indeed big thing , that some children never know what happiness it really does bring! Happy this girl was and this day she would surely never forget, and she knew adopting her this couple would never regret!


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